2017 Schedule

All events take place at The Athena Cinema, 20 S. Court Street, Athens OH and all times in PM unless noted.

Monday, April 3

1:00 All The Cities of The North Competition Feature

1:15 Death By A Thousand Cuts Competition Feature

3:00 Hear The Silence Competition Feature

3:15 Bangaologia – The Science of Style Competition Feature

5:00 Arctic Superstar Competition Feature

5:15 One Week And A Day International Feature

6:00 Martha Rosler – In Person Special Event

7:00 The Transfiguration International Feature

7:15 Kedi International Feature

8:50 Mah e mir Competition Feature

9:00 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea International Feature

9:15 Undocument Competition Feature

9:00 Opening Night Reception: Salaam Special Event

Tuesday, April 4

1:15 Dropka Competition Feature

1:30 She’s Allergic to Cats Competition Feature

3:00 The Wilderness Competition Shorts

3:15 Apricot Groves Competition Feature

5:00 Contemporary Color International Feature

5:15 Another Time Competition Feature

5:30 Burden International Feature

7:00 Whose Streets? – Sabaah Folayan: In Person Special Event

7:00 Toni Erdmann International Feature

7:30 My Life as a Zucchini International Feature

9:00 Dim The Fluorescents Competition Feature

9:15 1984 Special Event

10:00 Animation Night Competition Shorts

Wednesday, April 5

1:00 For The Record Competition Shorts

1:15 Alone Among The Taliban Competition Feature

3:00 Timbre and Texture Competition Shorts

3:15 Ka Bodyscapes Competition Feature

5:00 Margaret Rorison – In Person Special Event

5:15 Who’s Gonna Love Me Now Competition Feature

5:30 One Week and A Day International Feature

7:00 Not Right Competition Shorts

7:15 The Commune International Feature

7:30 Kedi International Feature

9:00 Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain Competition Feature

9:15 Love 2.0 Competition Shorts

9:30 The Transfiguration International Feature

9:10 After Party – WestEnd Cider House Special Event

Thursday, April 6

1:15 In the Hills and Hollows Competition Feature

1:30 Occupational Hazards Competition Shorts

3:00 Body In Space Competition Shorts

3:15 Tip Of My Tongue Competition Feature

5:00 The Future Competition Shorts

5:15 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea International Feature

5:30 Dani Leventhal & Sheilah Wilson – In Person Special Event

7:00 Contemporary Color International Feature

7:15 One Week And A Day International Feature

7:30 In Q Competition Shorts

9:00 The Space Between Competition Feature

9:15 Bare It All Competition Shorts

9:30 My Life as a Zucchini International Feature

Friday, April 7

1:00 Behind The Scenes Competition Shorts

1:15 This Land Is Your Land? Competition Shorts

3:00 The Other Kids Competition Feature

3:15 Me, Myself and I Competition Shorts

5:00 Toni Erdmann International Feature

5:15 Mostly Charming Competition Shorts

5:30 Whose Streets International Feature

7:15 Lisa Donato & Fawzia Mirza In Person – Signature Move Special Event

7:30 The Billboard Boys Competition Feature

8:00 One Week And A Day International Feature

9:00 Burden International Feature

9:15 Flicks and Giggles Competition Shorts

9:45 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea International Feature

Saturday, April 8

11:00 AM Saturday Morning Cartoons Competition Shorts

1:00 Other Worlds Competition Shorts

1:00 Contemporary Color International Feature

2:30 Milwaukee 53206 Competition Feature

3:00 Concrete Jungle Competition Shorts

3:15 My Life as a Zucchini International Feature

4:50 Toni Erdmann International Feature

5:00 The Trampoline Competition Feature

5:15 Harlan County U.S.A. – with post screening discussion Special Event

7:15 The Commune International Feature

7:30 Postmortem Competition Shorts

7:45 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea Int F

9:15 Life in 6 Films Competition Shorts

9:15 The Transfiguration International Feature

9:30 Hair Raising Tales Competition Shorts

9:30 After Party: The Union Special Event

Sunday, April 9

11:00 AM Noise & Donuts: Haffas Record Special Event

12:30 Toni Erdmann International Feature

1:00 The Modern Jungle Competition Feature

1:15 Baby Business Competition Shorts

3:00 A Good Person Competition Feature

3:15 Chosen Custody of the Eyes Competition Feature

3:30 Kedi International Feature

5:00 Rajko Grlić – Every Story Is a Love Story Special Event

5:10 The Transfiguration International Feature

5:30 My Life As A Zucchini International Feature

7:00 Best of Fest Special Event

9:00 2017 Festival Wrap Party: Athena Cinema Special Event