2017 Films In Competition

Monday, April 3

1:00 PM All The Cities Of The North
All the Cities of the North, Director: Dane Komljen, Narrative , 100 min, Serbia

1:15 PM Death by a Thousand Cuts
Death by a Thousand Cuts, Director: Juan Mejia Botero , Documentary, 73 min, Haiti/USA
Bright Spots, Director: Jilli Rose, Animation/Documentary, 8 min, Australia

3:00 PM Hear the Silence
Hear the Silence, Director: Ed Ehrenberg, Narrative, 95 min, Germany/Poland
Dead Horses, Director: Marc Riba, Animation, 7 min, Spain

3:15 PM Bangaologia – The Science of Style
Bangaologia – The Science of Style, Director: Coréon Dú , Documentary, 73 min, Angola
Twinsburg, Director: Joe Garrity , Narrative, 16 min, USA

5:00 PM Arctic Superstar
Arctic Superstar, Director: Simen Braathen , Documentary, 72 min, Norway
Les Cloys, Director: Julia Hechler, Documentary, 10 min, France

8:50 PM Mah e mir
Mah e mir, Director: Anjum Shahzad, Narrative, 146 min, Pakistan

9:15 PM Undocument
Undocument, Director: Kyla Simone Bruce/Amin Bakhshian, Narrative, 73 min, United Kingdom/Iran
The Good Mother, Director: Sarah Clift, Narrative, 6 min, Mexico
Contigo, Director: Dan Boord/Luis Valdovino, Narrative, 7 min, USA

Tuesday, April 4

1:15 PM Drokpa
Drokpa, Director: Yan Chun Su, Documentary, 79 min, China
My Beautiful Deadly City, Director: Victoria Fiore, Documentary, 11 min, UK/Russia

1:30 PM She’s Allergic to Cats
She’s Allergic to Cats, Director: Michael Reich, Narrative, 74 min, USA
The Cure, Director: Mike Olenick, Narrative, 20 min, USA

3:00 PM The Wilderness
Stuff As Dreams, Director: Guli Silberstein, Experimental, 6 min, UK
Everything Turns…, Director: Aaron Zeghers, Experimental, 13 min, Canada
Methane Ghosts, Director: William Randall , Experimental, 10 min, USA
Microspectrum, Director: Kate Balsley, Experimental, 2 min, USA
Field, Director: Dan Browne, Experimental , 2 min, Canada
Before, Director: Cecilia Araneda, Experimental, 4 min, Canada
My Earth’s Eye, Director: Paul Turano, Experimental, 8 min, USA
Fall, Director: Bradley Rappa, Experimental, 7 min, USA
Meridian Plain, Director: Laura Kraning, Experimental, 19 min, USA

3:15 PM Apricot Groves
Apricot Groves, Director: Pouria Heidary Oureh, Narrative, 78 min, Armenia
The Last Run, Director: Sérgio do Vale, Narrative, 20 min, France

5:15 PM Another Time
Another Time, Director: Nahid Hassanzadeh, Narrative , 72 min, Iran
Wig Shop, Director: Kat Coiro, Narrative, 15 min, USA

9:00 PM Dim the Fluorescents
Dim the Fluorescents, Director: Daniel Warth, Narrative , 128 min, Canada

10:00 PM Animation Night
Scent of Geranium, Director: Naghmeh Farzaneh, Animation/Documentary , 5 min, USA
The Edge of Alchemy, Director: Stacy Steers , Experimental/Animation, 19 min, USA
Two Ways Down, Director: Laura Heit, Experimental/Animation, 4 min, USA
Liminal Love, Director: Ray Ting, Animation/Experimental, 5 min, Taiwan/USA
Lingua Absentia, Director: Jeremy Bessoff/Kate Raney, Animation/Experimental Documentary, 10 min, USA
Mind Frame, Director: Jake Fried, Experimental/Animation, 1 min, USA
Boomerang, Director: Steven Vander Meer, Experimental/Animation, 6 min, USA
The Noise of Licking , Director: Nadja Andrasev, Animation, 10 min, Hungary
Chateau au GO GO , Director: Steve Gentile, Animation, 4 min, USA
After All, Director: Michael Cusack, Stop-motion Animation, 14 min, Australia
Bloop’s Birthday, Director: Julian Glander, Animation, 4 min, USA
Life with Herman H. Rott, Director: Chintis Lundgren, Animation, 11 min, Estonia

Wednesday, April 5

1:00 PM For the Record
Three Red Sweaters, Director: Martha Gregory, Documentary, 10 min, USA
Athens Halloween 16mm Film Booth, Director: Christopher Lange, Documentary, 5 min, USA
Pierre Andre Simmons, Director: Jenny Groza, Documentary, 9 min, USA
Seeds, Director: Todd Chandler/Jeff Stark, Documentary, 15 min, USA
Roger Ballen’s Theatre of Apparitions, Director: Emma Calder/Ged Haney, Animation, 5 min, UK
Ink, Cocks & Rock’n’Roll,, Director: Matthew Harlock, Documentary , 15 min, UK
My Friend Nearly Killed Patti Smith, Director: Richard O’Connor, Animation, 6 min, Ireland
Too OLD to Die YOUNG, Director: Clark Slater, Documentary, 11 min, USA

1:15 PM Alone Among the Taliban
Alone Among the Taliban, Director: Mohsen Eslamzadeh , Documentary, 65 min, Iran/Afganistan
The Other Side of Dooman River, Director: SeWoong Bae , Narrative, 21 min, South Korea

3:00 PM Timbre and Texture
A Hard World for Little Things, Director: Sonja Bertucci, Experimental, 2 min, USA
Them Apples, Director: Adam R. Levine, Experimental, 3 min, USA
Temeen suul, Director: Ikhbayar Urchuud, Experimental, 6 min, Mongolia
Trans/Figure/Ground, Director: Lauren Cook, Experimental, 5 min, USA
T is for Turnip, Director: Kiera Faber, 3 min, USA
Primal, Director: Vicky Smith, Experimental, 10 min, UK
Corridory, Director: Matt Meindl, Experimental, 4 min, USA
Battlestar Abstractica, Director: Gregg Biermann , Experimental, 8 min
Song for Koko, Director: Tommy Becker, Experimental, 4 min
Street Twenty-Seven Number Ten Sixteen, Director: Josh Weissbach, Experimental, 3 min, USA
Enola Em Evael, Director: Kathryn Ramey, Experimental, 7 min, US
Purple, Director: Snow Yunxue Fu, Experimental, 4 min, USA
Bottle Neck , Director: Joanna Priestley, Animation, 3 min
Luscious, Director: Xuecheng Xu, Animation, 2 min, USA
C-5-11, Director: Edward Ramsay-Morin, Animation, 3 min, USA
To Be Free, Directed by: Adepero Oduye, Narrative, 12 m, USA

3:15 PM Ka Bodyscapes
Ka Bodyscapes, Director: Jayan Cherian, Narrative, 99 min, India

5:15 PM Who’s Gonna Love me Now
Who’s Gonna Love me Now, Director: Tomer and Barak Heymann, Documentary, 85 min, Israel
Close the Shutters, Director: Ynon Lan , Animation, 5 min, Israel

7:00 PM Not Right
Terre Nullius, Director: Lydia Moyer, Experimental/Documentary, 15 min, USA
The Enemy Within, Director: Jennifer Granville/Jonathan Bairstow, Animation, 3 min, UK
American Psychosis, Director: Amanda Zackem, Documentary, 15 min, USA
The Ascent, Director: Sorrel Brae, Narrative, 9 min, USA
Beneath a Glass Floor Lobby, Director: Lisa Danker, Documentary, 5 min, USA
Le Quinze Mai à Paris, Director: Janek Ambros, Experimental/Documentary, 10 min, France
More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters, Director: Kelly Gallagher, Animation/Documentary, 6 min, US
Seriously Not Funny, Director: Anitoch College Students, Documentary, 17 min, USA

9:00 PM Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain
Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain, Director: Arnaud Lambert & Jean-Marie Barbe, Documentary , 146 min, France

9:15 PM Love 2.0
Silence, Director: Elena Brodach, Narrative, 4 min, Russia
Help! I’m Trapped In A Movie, Director: Riley Madincea, Narrative, 10 min, UK
The Suitor , Director: Kate Riedl, Narrative, 7 min, Australia
Ari, Director: Alex Murawski, Narrative, 10 min, Australia
Palisades, Director: Marian Mathias, Documentary , 7 min, USA
Rekindled, Director: Erin Brown Thomas, Narrative, 12 min, USA
Once Upon a Line, Director: Alicja Jasina, Animation, 7 min, Poland
The Five Wives & Lives of Melvyn Pfferberg, Director: Damian Samuels, Narrative, 17 min, UK
Perfectly Normal , Director: Joris Debeij, Documentary, 12 min, USA

Thursday, April 6

1:15 PM In the Hills and Hollows
In the Hills and Hollows, Director: Keely Kernan , Documentary, 78 min, USA
My Kind of Music, Director: Eli Bedel, Documentary, 15 min, USA

1:30 PM Occupational Hazard
Free Fall with John and Yoko, Director: Adam Badlotto, Documentary, 4 min, USA
A Poem For Jerry Few, Director: Will Berry, Documentary, 3 min, USA
The Fourth Kingdom, Director: Alex Lora and Adan Aliaga, Documentary, 14 min
Aw Shucks, Segundo!, Director: Sean Hanley, Experimental, 5 min
Big Ring Dreams, Director: Sarah Kadish, Documentary, 6 min, USA
The Adleta Perpetual Calendar, Director: Mohammad Farhang, Documentary, 14 min, USA
Entre Sol y Sombra, Director: Jason Boënne, Documentary, 37 min, Belgium

Thursday, April 6, 3:00 PM Body In Space
Jill, Director: Lilli Carré, Experimental/Animation, 7 min, USA
Kingdom, Director: Bentley Heyman, Experimental, 7 min, USA
Exquisite Corps, Director: Mitchell Rose, Experimental, 6 min, USA
Au revoir Balthazar, Director: Rafael Sommerhalder, Animation, 10 min, Switzerland
Red Moon Rising, Director: Vivienne Dick, Experimental, 15 min, Ireland
Women’s Christmas Night, Director: Oonagh Kearney, Experimental, 6 min, Ireland
Gray Elegy, Director: James Duesing, Experimental/Animation, 5 min, USA
Suspendu, Director: Elie Grappe, Narrative, 15 min, Switzerland
Raised by Krump, Director: Maceo Frost, Documentary, 21 min, USA

3:00 PM Tip of my Tongue
Tip of my Tongue , Director: Lynne Sachs , Documentary, 80 min, USA
Pepsi Cola Water?, Director: Tom Bogaert , Documentary, 9 min, Switzerland

5:00 PM The Future
Letter to a Distant Future, Director: Georg Koszulinski, Experimental, 8 min, USA
The App, Director: Julian Merino, Narrative, 15 min, Spain
They Charge For the Sun, Director: Terence Nance , Narrative, 17 min, USA
Rover’s Eyes, Director: Laura Heit, Experimental/Animation, 3 min
Capital, Director: Semih Bedir, Narrative, 15 min, USA
1950 DA, Director: Sébastien Tulard, Narrative, 8 min, France
Taubman, Director: Ben Price, Narrative, 18 min, UK

7:30 PM In Q
Happy, Director: Laura Dudgeon, Narrative, 12 min, Australia
Ronnie, Director: Patrick Local, Narrative, 7 min, USA
Walk For Me , Director: Elegance Bratton, Narrative, 12 min, USA
Diane from the Moon, Director: Hanna Ladoul/Marco La Via, Narrative, 11 min, USA
Please Hold, Director: Jerell Rosales, Narrative, 15 min, USA
Girl-Hearted, Director: Anne Scheschonk, Documentary, 37 min, Germany

9:00 PM The Space Between
The Space Between, Director: Amy Jo Johnson, Narrative, 90 min, USA

9:15 PM Bare it All
The Talk: True Stories About the Birds and Bees, Director: Alain Delannoy, Animation, 9 min, Canada
Music of Desire, Director: Kristin Reeves, Experimental, 8 min, USA
Sweet Love, Director: Stephen Crompton, Documentary, 20 min, USA
I Am Learning to Abandon the World, Director: A Moon, Experimental, 10 min, Silent, USA
The Lingerie Show, Director: Laura Harrison , Animation, 9 min, USA
Blue Movie, Director: Michael Morris , Experimental, 8 min, USA
Gunge Buddies, Director: Meredith Moore, Experimental/Documentary, 13 min, USA
Doll, Director: Cory Pratt , Narrative, 20 min, USA

Friday, April 7

1:00 PM Behind the Scenes
Woman with an Editing Bench, Director: Karen Pearlman, Narrative, 15 min, Australia
Genesis, Director: Lucien Monot, Documentary, 17 min, Switzerland
Bride of Frankie, Director: Devi Snively, Narrative, 19 min, USA
Jump Cut Jeff, Director: Rob Munday, Narrative, 11 min, UK
Theatreland, Director: Carys Watford, Narrative, 15 min, UK
Show Reel, Director: Filip Flatau, Narrative, 19 min, France

1:15 PM This Land Is Your Land?
A Place, Director: Iván Fernández de Córdoba, Narrative, 12 min
Philoctetes – An Outsider’s Myth, Director: Katrin Kalketenidis, Documentary, 16 min, Greece
The Crossing, Director: Charles Emir Richards, Documentary, 12 min, Turkey
Arc of Justice, Director: Mark Lipman/Helen S. Cohen, Documentary, 22 min, USA
Refugee, Director: Joyce Chen/Emily Moore, Documentary, 27 min, USA

3:00 PM The Other Kids
The Other Kids, Director: Chris Brown, Narrative, 95 min, USA

3:15 PM Me, Myself and I
This Is Me, Director: Carrie Love, Experimental, 3 min, USA
Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes), Part II: The Crying Game, Director: Roger Beebe, Experimental, 21 min, USA
Mak, Director: Natalya Serebrennikova, Animation, 4 min, USA
Some Dark Place, Director: Cecelia Condit, Experimental, 5 min, USA
Empathy Arousal, Director: Nicole Brending, Experimental, 5 min, USA
The Bus Trip, Director: Sarah Gampel, Animation, 14 min, Sweden
The Neighbors, Director: Janelle VanderKelen, Experimental ,12 min, USA
Emma, Martin Edralin, Narrative, 13 min, Canada
45 Minutes, Director: Nishat Hossain, Experimental, 10 min, USA

5:15 PM Mostly Charming
Males, Director: Kristina Persson Helleday/Sandra Isacsson, Narrative, 6 min, Sweden
The man from Mars, Director: Jonnie Stapleton, Narrative, 15 min, USA
Red light, Director: Toma Waszarow, Narrative, 21 min, Bulgaria/Croatia
Napoleon in Exile, Director: Michael Litwak, Narrative, 16 min, USA
Bitchboy, Director: Måns Berthas, Narrative, 15 min, Swedan
The Letter Carrier, Director: Jesse L Martin/Rick Cosnett, Narrative, 19 min, Canada

7:30 PM The Billboard Boys
The Billboard Boys, Director: Pat Taggart , Documentary, 79 min, USA

9:15 PM Flicks and Giggles
F for Formula, Director: Santino Vitale, Stop-motion Animation, 2 min, USA
Eulogilia , Director: Alex Grossman, Narrative, 11 min, USA
Sourtoe: The Story of the Sorry Cannibal, Director: Daniel Roher, Documentary, 17 min, USA
Christmas Miracle, Director: Matthew Nix, Narrative, 6 min, USA
Pushing Buttons, Director: John Kerfoot, 16 min, USA
Film School Musical, Director: Maan B./Talha B., Narrative, 19 min, USA
Buzz, Director: Mitch Magee, Narrative, 17 min, USA

Saturday, April 8

11:00 AM Saturday Morning Cartoons
Spring Jam, Director: Ned Wenlock, Animation, 6 min, New Zealand
Squatch, Director: Atec Animation Studio, Animation, 6 min, USA
Bzzz, Director: Anna Cetti/Güicho Núñez, Animation, 4 min, Mexico
Way of Giants, Director: Alois Di Leo, Animation, 12 min, Brazil
Trial & Error, Director: Antje Heyn, Animation, 6 min, Germany
The Snow Girl, Director: Mixtape Club, Animation, 4 min, USA
Crazy Cashews, Director: Matt Love, Narrative, 6 min, USA
Birdlime, Director: Evan DeRushie, Animation, 10 min, Canada
Inside Job, Director: Qi DENG, Animation, 2 min, USA
Lilly Hits the Road, Director: The Bum Family, Animation, 5 min, Canada

1:00 PM Other Worlds
Film, Beyonder III, Director: Pierre Feytis, Experimental, 5 min, France
Spotlight on a Brick Wall, Director: Alee Peoples/Mike Stoltz, Experimental, 8 min, USA
Plasma Vista, Director: Sarah Cockings/Harriet Fleuriot, Experimental, 8 min, UK
See a Dog, Hear a Dog, Director: Jesse McLean, Experimental, 18 min, USA
Schizophrenia, Director: Yuri Muraoka, Experimental, 10 min, Japan
Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dream-life of Beasts, Director: Brian M. Cassidy/Melanie Shatzky, Experimental, 14 min, Canada
Baba Dana Talks To The Wolves, Director: Ralitsa Doncheva, Experimental, 11 min, Canada
If I Were Any Further Away I’d Be Closer to Home, Director: Rajee Samarasinghe, Experimental, 15 min, Sri Lanka

2:30 PM Milwaukee 53206
Milwaukee 53206, Director: Keith McQuirter , Documentary, 52 min, USA
Soy Cubana, Director: Jeremy Ungar/Ivaylo Getov, Documentary, 17 min, USA
Playground, Director: Drew Dickler/Jakob Hochendoner, Documentary, 17 min, USA
Search Party, Director: Tesia Joy Walker, Narrative, 9 min, USA
Two Armed Black Men, Director: Dustin Jenkins, Narrative, 6 min, USA

3:00 PM Concrete Jungle
In Marfa, Director: Jeremy Moss, Experimental, 3 min, USA
Return to Forms, Director: Zachary Epcar, Experimental, 10 min, USA
Les Châssis de Lourdes, Director: Rhayne Vermette, Experimental, 18 min, Canada
Unknown Hours, Director: Calum Walter, Experimental, 10 min, USA
Sight Unseen, Director: Diane Nerwen, Experimental, 7 min, USA
Illusion, Director: Maxime Contour, Experimental, 5 min, France
News from the Sun, Director: Brendan & Jeremy Smyth , Experimental, 4 min, USA
Node, Director: Turner Adornetto, Experimental, 7 min, USA
Speculations , Director: Ben Balcom, Experimental, 18 min, USA

5:00 PM The Trampoline
The Trampoline, Director: Katarina Zrinka Matijevic, Narrative, 81 min, Croatia
Whatever the Weather, Director: Remo Scherrer, Narrative, 11 min, Switzerland

7:30 PM Postmortem
Audition For Death, Director: Brian Zahm, Experimental, 11 min, USA
Every Ghost Has An Orchestra, Director: Shayna Connelly, Documentary, 7 min, USA
Mad Ladders, Director: Michael Robinson, Experimental, 10 min, USA
Return, Director: Priyanka Das, Narrative, 15 min, USA
After Life, Director: Prisca Bouchet, Documentary, 16 min, New Zealand
219, Director: Ed Hancox, Documentary, 17 min, USA

9:15 PM Life In 6 Films
The Republic of Enchanters, Director: Fanny Liatard, Narrative, 14 min, France
It was yesterday, Director: Valentina Pedicini, Narrative, 13 min, Italy
Lethe, Director: Dea Kulumbegashvili, Narrative, 15 min, Georgia
Good luck, Orlo!, Director: Sara Kern, Narrative, 15 min, Austria, Slovenia
Madame El, Director: Laila Abbas, Narrative, 15 min, Palestine
Walnut, Director: Danilo Serbedzija, Narrative, 20 min, Croatia

9:30 PM Hair Raising Tales
The Duel, Director: Sean David Christensen, Documentary, 6 min, USA
A State of Emergency, Director: Tarek Roehlinger, Narrative, 12 min, Germany/France
Rooms, Adrian Halim, Narrative , 10 min, USA
Cubs, Director: Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir, Narrative, 19 min, Iceland
A New Home, Director: Žiga Virc, Narrative, 14 min, Slovenia
Penalty, Director: Aldo Iuliano, Narrative, 14 min, Italy

Sunday, April 9

1:00 PM The Modern Jungle
The Modern Jungle, Director: Charles Fairbanks/Saul Kak , Documentary, 72 min, Mexico
He Who Eats Children, Director: Ben Russell , Documentary/Experimental, 26 min, Suriname/USA

1:15 PM Baby Business
Fertile Myrtle, Director: Julie Orser, Experimental, 4 min, USA
The Baby Shower, Director: Joseph Pierce, Narrative, 15 min, UK, France
Demolished, Director: Meredith Kelly, Narrative, 5 min, USA
Maria, Director: Jaime Habac Jr., Narrative, 11 min, Philippines
Butterflies, Director: Adnan Zandi, Narrative, 3 min, Iran
The Arrival, Director: Jocelyn DeBoer, Narrative, 17 min
Teta, Director: Alexandra Hidalgo, Documentary, 25 min, USA

3:00 PM A Good Person
A Good Person, Director: Brian Wiebe, Narrative
76 min, USA
Baddog, Director: Michael Patten, Narrative , 13 min, USA

3:15 PM Chosen Custody of the Eyes
Chosen Custody of the Eyes, Director: Abbie Reese , Documentary, 105 min, USA

7:00 PM
Best Of The Fest!