Another Time – 2017

Show: Another Time
Tuesday, April 4, 5:15 PM

Another Time
Director: Nahid Hassanzadeh
72 min

Ghadir, a chemical plant worker, protesting against being unpaid for over a year, is arrested during a demonstration and imprisoned without trial. He’s released one year later with no explanation given.On arriving home he finds his daughter, Somayeh, has given birth out of wedlock…

Wig Shop
Director: Kat Coiro
15 min

Chaya (Emily Mortimer), ‎an orthodox Jewish women, visits a wig shop on the other side of town. At first on edge because of her new surroundings, Chaya lets down her guard when she is quickly befriended by the shop owner Tippy (Adina Porter) only to discover that nothing is as it seems.