2018 In Competition

Below is a list of films showing in competition.

Monday, April 9

1:00 Street Fighting Men

Street Fighting Men, Director: Andrew James, Documentary, 110 minutes, USA

3:00 Boiling Point

Hybrids, Director: Florian Brauch, Animation, 7 minutes, France
Kaiju Bunraku, Director: Lucas Leyva, Narrative, 13 minutes, USA
SAFSTOR, Director: Adam Diller, Documentary , 15 minutes, USA
Millfield Mine Disaster 1930, Director: Burr Beard, Documentary, 20 minutes, USA
The Tree Prophet, Director: Christian Scheider/Tucker Marder, Documentary, 29 minutes, USA

3:30 Left On Pearl

Left On Pearl, Director: Susan Rivo, Documentary, 55 minutes, USA
Umbrella , Director: Rhys Ernst, Documentary, 16 minutes, USA
UUFO, Director: Yun Chen, Experimental, 20 minutes, China/USA

5:00 Spaces and Places

3 peonies, Director: Stephanie Barber, Experimental, 3 minutes, 16mm, USA
Domus, Director: Rhayne Vermette, Animation, 16 minutes, Canada
The Invisible Ax, Director: Anna Kipervaser, Experimental, 5 minutes, USA
Search Engine Vision “ISIS”, Director: Eric Souther, Experimental, 7 minutes, USA
Viewfinder Material, Director: Jopeck Baptiste, Experimental, 16 minutes, France
Anthropocene, Director: Bradley Rappa, Experimental, 5 minutes, USA
Letter from The Gone World, Director: Lydia Moyer, Experimental, 18 minutes, USA
.TV, Director: G. Anthony Svatek, Experimental, 22 minutes, USA

5:30 Of The Voice

Of the Voice, Director: Bernard Weber, Documentary, 82 minutes, Germany/Japan/Switzerland
Re-Vue , Director: Dirk de Bruyn, Experimental, 6 minutes, Australia

7:00 Farmsteaders Opening Night Film

Farmsteaders, Director: Shaena Mallett, Documentary, 63 minutes, USA
The Last Honey Hunter, Director: Ben Knight, Documentary, 30 minutes, USA

7:15 Beyond The Body

Transit(ive), Director: Sarah Bliss, Experimental, 7 minutes, USA
One Last Dance, Director: Will Rowson, Animation, 4 minutes, United Kingdom
10-24-04, Director: Kyle Hildreth, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
Teeth, Director: Thomas Hogben, Documentary, 11 minutes, United Kingdom
Papillons, Director: Mauricio Leiva Cock/Andrés Gomez Isaza, Animation, 8 minutes, Colombia
All The Leaves Are Brown, Director: Daniel Robin, Documentary, 11 minutes, USA
Death of a Father, Director: Somnath Pal, Animation, 11 minutes, India
Big Party on the Other Side, Director: Jenny Catherall, Documentary, 13 minutes, USA
The Last Portrait, Director: Hina Fujimoto, Animation, 7 minutes, USA
Babe, I Hate To Go, Director: Andrew Moir, Documentary, 19 minutes, Canada/Jamaica

9:15 Ruin Me

Ruin Me, Director: Preston DeFrancis, Narrative, 88 minutes, USA

9:30 House of Norway

House of Norway , Director: Jan Vardøen, Narrative, 80 minutes, Norway
Seven, Director: James Morgan, Narrative, 11 minutes, United Kingdom/Malta/Norway

9:45 Lightness and Darkness

First Generation, Director: Jeannie Nguyen/Andrew Truong, Narrative, 9 minutes, USA
Manila Death Squad, Director: Dean Colin Marcial, Narrative, 13 minutes, Phillipines
Frank Embree, Director: Skinner Myers, Narrative, 8 minutes, USA
The Incident, Director: Meedo Taha, Narrative, 22 minutes, Lebanon
Aamir, Director: Vika Evdokimenko, Narrative, 17 minutes, United Kingdom
Retouch, Director: Kaveh Mazaheri, Narrative, 20 minutes, Iran

Tuesday, April 10

1:30 <3

<3 , Director: LNZ, Experimental, 61 minutes, USA
Aesthetic Catharsis in the Era of American Fascists, Director: James Connolly, Experimental, 23 minutes, USA
Mammaries , Director: Monica Panzarino, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
Distrust, Director: Sam Rolfes, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA

1:30 Manlife

Manlife , Director: Ryan Sarnowski, Documentary, 93 minutes, USA

3:00 Portraits

I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs , Director: Wade Shotter, Narrative, 6 minutes, New Zealand
Salon Elvis , Director: Anthony Khawand, Documentary, 11 minutes, Lebanon
My Name Is Marc, And You Can Count On It, Director: Lindsey Phillips, Documentary, 14 minutes, USA
Deux Champs (Two Fields), Director: Kevin Obsatz, Experimental, 8 minutes, USA
Heaven, Director: Miguel Anaya, Animation, 12 minutes, Mexico
The World’s Greatest Storyteller, Director: Horatio Baltz, Documentary, 17 minutes, USA
The Sandman, Director: Lauren Knapp, Documentary, 19 minutes, USA

3:30 Dancing with Monica

Dancing with Monica, Director: Anja Dalhoff, Documentary, 75 minutes, Colombia/Denmark/Japan/Spain
Object , Director: Sydney Southam, Experimental, 6 minutes, Canada

5:00 The Mothman of Point Pleasant

The Mothman of Point Pleasant, Director: Seth Breedlove, Documentary, 71 minutes, USA
The Escape, Director: Jaroslaw Konopka, Animation, 15 minutes, Poland
Phototaxis, Director: Melissa Ferrari, Animation, 7 minutes, USA

5:15 Binary Breakers

RED, Director: Yuchao Feng, Narrative, 5 minutes, USA
Silvia in the waves, Director: Giovana Olmos, Narrative, 13 minutes, Canada
After the Date, Director: Iris Devins, Narrative, 15 minutes, USA
Dakota, Director: Brian MacNeel, Narrative, 17 minutes, USA
Mrs. McCutcheon, Director: John Sheedy, Narrative, 17 minutes, Australia
Odd Job Man, Director: Marianne Blicher, Narrative, 22 minutes, Denmark

9:15 Interior and Exterior

Shadowbox, Director: Viviana Goelkel, Narrative, 6 minutes, USA
True North, Director: George Bowler, Animation, 8 minutes, United Kingdom
Quiver, Director: Shayna Connelly, Narrative, 14 minutes, USA
Standing Nymph and Man, Director: Milad Hosseini-Mozari, Experimental, 18 minutes, USA
Scaling Quelccaya, Director: Meredith Leich
Experimental, 8 minutes, USA
Travel Stop , Director: Mike Gibisser, Experimental, 19 minutes, USA
For Rest, Director: Shinya isobe, Experimental, 17 minutes, 16mm, Japan

9:30 When They Awake

When They Awake, Director: P.J. Marcellino/Hermon Farahi, Documentary, 91 minutes, Canada

Wednesday, April 11

1:00 No Walls

To Be, Director: Farzaneh Omidvarnia, Animation, 6 minutes, Iran
Dialogue, Director: Gabor Fabricius, Narrative, 7 minutes, Hungary
Warm Noise Around Me, Director: Luther Clement, Experimental, 11 minutes, USA
Aria, Director: Myrsini Aristidou, Experimental, 14 minutes, Cyprus/Greece
A Drowning Man, Director: Mahdi Fleifel, Narrative, 15 minutes, Denmark/Greece
Welcome Home, Director: Armita Keyani, Narrative, 16 minutes, Norway

1:15 Where it Floods

Where it Floods, Director: Joel Benjamin, Narrative/Animation, 46 minutes, USA
Black Dog, Director: Joshua Tuthill, Animation, 15 minutes, USA
Seen Again, Director: Peter Murphey, Animation, 11 minutes, USA
Ugly , Director: Nikita Diakur, Animation, 12 minutes, Germany

3:15 Grab and Run

Grab and Run , Director: Roser Corella, Documentary, 82 minutes, Kyrgyzstan

3:00 Beautiful Beasts

Animal Cinema, Director: Emilio Vavarella, Experimental, 13 minutes, USA
Maned & Macho, Director: Shiva Sadegh Asadi, Animation, 11 minutes, Iran
6 Toes, Director: Quincy Perkins, Documentary, 6 minutes, USA
Mickey’s Pets, Director: Ashley S. Brandon, Documentary, 13 minutes, USA
Gadho, Director: Digant Gautam, Narrative, 15 minutes, India
Urban Cowboys, Director: Paweł Ziemilski, Documentary, 30 minutes, Poland/Ireland

5:00 The Turn Out

The Turn Out, Director: Pearl Gluck, Narrative, 80 minutes, USA

5:15 The Queer and Now

Approach/Withdraw, Director: Ker Wallwork/Juliet Jacques, Experimental, 10 minutes, United Kingdom
Wren Boys, Director: Harry Lighton, Narrative, 11 minutes, United Kingdom
Saturn Devours, Director: Johnnie Walker, Narrative, 14 minutes, Canada
Life in Darkness, Director: Ali Raheem, Narrative, 9 minutes, Iraq
Heather Has Four Moms, Director: Jeanette L. Buck, Narrative, 14 minutes, USA
Make Out Party, Director: Emily Esperanza, Narrative, 30 minutes, USA

7:00 The Cinema Travellers

The Cinema Travellers, Director: Shirley Abraham/Amit Madheshiya, Documentary, 96 minutes, India

9:00 You Go To My Head

You Go To My Head, Director: Dimitri de Clercq, Narrative, 116 minutes, Belgium/France/Germany

Thursday, April 12

1:15 Reel Thoughts

Framed, Director: Marco Jemolo, Animation, 7 minutes, Italy
Skin in the Game, Director: Ariana Gerstein, Experimental, 5 minutes, USA
I, AN ACTOR, Director: Brian Zahm, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
The Method, Director: Gregg Biermann, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
Mascarpone, Director: Jonas Riemer, Narrative, 14 minutes, Germany
Modern Props, Director: Ruaidhri Ryan, Narrative, 10 minutes, United Kingdom
Disco Obu, Director: Anand Kishore, Narrative, 20 minutes, India
Camera Threat, Director: Bernd Lützeler, Narrative, 30 minutes, India

1:30 The Day My House Fell

The Day My House Fell, Director: Thessa Meijer, Narrative, 45 minutes, Netherlands
House, Director: Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, Experimental, 2 minutes, USA
Homeland , Director: Sam Peeters, Documentary, 15 minutes, Belgium
Turtles Are Always Home , Director: Rawane Nassif, Documentary, 12 minutes, Lebanon/Canada/Qatar
Lost in the Middle, Director: Senne Dehandschutter, Narrative, 17 minutes, Belgium/Morocco

3:00 Movements

dizzzydreamer, Director; Megan Jedrysiak/Jackson Ammenheuser, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
Exile, Director: Sylvia Borges, Experimental, 5 minutes, Germany
Vanitas, Director: Vinícius Cardoso, Experimental, 6 minutes, Brazil
In search of lost time, Director: Marta Renzi, Experimental, 9 minutes, USA
Twilight Dancers, Director: Paola Marino/Theola Ross, Documentary, 16 minutes, Canada
Hallowstide, Director: Steve Socki, Experimental, 5 minutes, USA
Strangers, Director: Eve Duhamel/Julien Vallee, Experimental, 4 minutes, Canada
The Children of SurahAmma, Director: LI MA, Documentary, 9 minutes, Israel
Emptying, to Make Room for Overflowing, Director: Hannah Raye White, Experimental, 6 minutes, USA
Goodbye, Brooklyn, Director: Daniel Jaffe, Narrative, 9 minutes, USA
Blindly Dancing, Director: Fabio Palmieri, Documentary, 9 minutes, Italy
Another Winter, Director: Francisco Javier Gomez Pinteno, 10 minutes, Spain

3:15 The Washing Society

The Washing Society, Director: Lynne Sachs , Documentary, 44 minutes, USA
Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor, Director: Lynne Sachs, Documentary, 8 minutes, USA
Pink Gold, Director: Daniel Anguiano Zúñiga, Documentary, 20 minutes, Mexico
Call Me Mrs. Chan , Director: Chan Hau Chun/Chui ChI Yin, Documentary, 16 minutes, Hong Kong

3:30 Future Vision

Down Escalation, Director: Shunsaku Hayashi, Animation, 8 minutes, Japan
Pillow, Director: Éanna Mac Cana, Experimental, 2 minutes, United Kingdom
Mahogany Too, Director: Akosua Adoma Owusu, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
Strange Beasts, Director: Magali Barbe, Narrative, 6 minutes, United Kingdom
M1-KØ, Director: Fahad Shaikh, Documentary, 8 minutes, United Arab Emirates
Bear & Stella, Director: John Joseph MacDonald, Narrative, 14 minutes, USA
Smashed , Director: Sean Lahiff, Narrative, 12 minutes, Australia
Joan , Director: Jana Stella, Narrative, 10 minutes, USA
The Day The Dogs Disappeared , Director: Ruth Mellaerts/Boris Kuijpers, Narrative, 21 minutes, Belgium

5:00 It’s Not You It’s Me

Love On The Line, Director: Nicole McKinnon, Animation, 5 minutes, Australia
Our Ghosts, Director: Hannah Ruddle, Documentary, 5 minutes, United Kingdom
Great Dane, Director: James Webber, Narrative, 10 minutes, United Kingdom
Heartstrings, Director: Sinje Köhler, Narrative, 9 minutes, Germany
Heat, Director: Nicolas Bermeo, Experimental, 11 minutes, USA
I Know Jake Gyllenhaal is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend, Director: Nino Mancuso, Narrative, 16 minutes, USA
Lovebirds , Director: Martin Garde Abildgaard
Narrative, 11 minutes, France
The Things You Think I’m Thinking , Director: Sherren Lee, Narrative, 15 minutes, Canada

5:30 Instructions On Parting

Instructions on Parting, Director: Amy Jenkins, Documentary, 90 minutes, USA

9:15 #Resist

Relax, Director: Matthew Herbertz, Narrative, 7 minutes, USA
Boléro Paprika, Director: Marc Ménager, Animation, 21 minutes, France
Les Miserables, Director: Ladj Ly, Narrative, 15 minutes, France
Riot, Director: Frank Ternier, Animation, 13 minutes, France
Corp., Director: Pablo Polledri, Animation, 9 minutes, Argentina
Breathless, Director: Anaiis Cisco, Narrative, 7 minutes, USA
CPS Closings & Delays, Director: Kristin Reeves, Experimental, 7 minutes, USA
Cry Havoc, Director: Guli Silberstein, Experimental, 6 minutes, United Kingdom
Oh! Uganda, Director: Luciana Ceccatto Farah, Documentary, 5 minutes, Qatar/Uganda
White Trash, Director: Jeff Zorrilla/Ignacio Tamarit, Experimental, 3 minutes, 16mm, Argentina

9:30 Dark AF

The Cut, Director: Vinay Choudary, Narrative, 4 minutes, USA
Evströnger, Director: Silvia Conesa, Narrative, 3 minutes, Spain
Child of the Sky, Director: Phillip Montgomery, Experimental, 17 minutes, USA
Animal, Director: Bahram Ark, Narrative, 15 minutes, Iran
Birthday, Director: Alberto Viavattene, Narrative, 15 minutes, Italy
Killings, Director: Joseph Mangat, Documentary, 10 minutes, Philippines
The Box, Director: Dusan Kastelic, Animation, 13 minutes, Slovenia
Asian Girls, Director: Hyun Lee, Narrative, 7 minutes, Australia

Friday, April 13

1:00 Drift

Drift, Director: Helena Wittmann, Narrative, 96 minutes, Antigua/Barbuda/Germany/Portugal

1:15 The Gaze

Otros Modos, Director: Carolina Solarte, Animation, 2 minutes, USA
The Tree of Palimpsest, Director: Ingrid Agbo, Animation, 6 minutes, France/Nigeria/Togo
Lilac, Director: Anna Westfall, Experimental, 2 minutes, USA
Jesszilla, Director: Emily Sheskin, Documentary, 7 minutes, USA
Unnatural Growth, Director: Ali Aschman, Animation, 5 minutes, USA
7 Letter Word, Director: Meredith Kelly, Experimental, 5 minutes, USA
Cut, Director: Eva Sigurdardottir, Narrative, 19 minutes, United Kingdom
Caroline, Director: Logan George/Celine Held, Narrative, 12 minutes, USA
Sundogs, Director: Elizabeth Chatelain, Narrative, 15 minutes, USA
A Foreman, Director: Daniel Drummond, Narrative, 17 minutes, USA

3:00 Geographies

Alluvium, Director: Malia Bruker, Documentary , 11 minutes, Italy
Aquarius the Waterman, Director: Steve Wetzel, Experimental , 10 minutes, USA
Missing In-Between the Physical Proper, Director: Olivia Ciummo, Experimental, 6 minutes, USA
The Making and Unmaking of the Earth, Director: Jessica Bardsley, Experimental , 17 minutes, 16mm, USA
Street of Death, Director: Karam Ghossein, Documentary, 20 minutes, Lebanon
Final Stage [The Time For All But Sunset – BGYOR], Director: Nicolaas Schmidt, Narrative, 27 minutes, Germany

3:15 On Exile: Elsewhere Within-Here

On Exile, Elsewhere Within Here, Director: Jose Carlos Teixeira, Documentary, 70 minutes, USA
To My Children, Director: Shwan Dler Qaradaki, Narrative, 21 minutes, Norway

3:30 The Family We Make

Lessons From Logan, Director: Sarah Kadish, Experimental, 12 minutes, USA
The Good Fight, Director: Ben Holman, Documentary, 17 minutes, Brazil
Top Row, Director: Karin Argoud, Documentary, 19 minutes, USA
Saltwater Baptism, Directors: Jared Callahan/Russell Sheaffer, Documentary, 17 minutes, USA
Talk to My Son, Director: Sangsun Choi, Documentary, 14 minutes, Republic of Korea
Fighting Cuba’s Boxing Ban, Director: Ora Dekornfeld, Documentary, 10 minutes, Cuba

7:00 The World Is A Funny Place

Brian and Charles, Director: Jim Archer, Narrative, 13 minutes, United Kingdom
The Ambassador, Director: Shane Atkinson, Narrative, 18 minutes, France
The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Director: Jay Perry/Shaun Perry, Narrative, 17 minutes, Australia
Walter, Director: Patrick Hodgson, Narrative, 17 minutes, Canada
The President’s Visit, Director: Cyril Aris, Narrative, 19 minutes, Lebanon
Merry-Go-Round, Director: Ruslan Bratov, Narrative, 13 minutes, Russia

9:15 Burkinabe Rising: The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso

Burkinabè Rising: the Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso , Director: Iara Lee, Documentary, 72 minutes, Burkina Faso
Dot Matrix , Director: Lauren Cook, Experimental, 4 minutes, USA
Kaleidoscope , Director: Murat Saygıner, Experimental, 4 minutes, Turkey
¡PíFIES! , Director: Ignacio Tamarit, Experimental, 4 minutes, 16mm, Argentina

9:30 Animation Night

Soggy Flakes, Director: Heath Affolter, Jon Affolter, Nathan Affolter, Thomas Affolter, Animation, 6 minutes, Canada
Kayla in 1A, Director: Travis Wood, Animation, 4 minutes, USA
The Full Story, Director: Daisy Jacobs, Animation, 8 minutes, United Kingdom
Bike Trip, Director: Tom Schroeder, Animation, 11 minutes, USA
Adam, Director: Evelyn Jane Ross, Animation, 3 minutes, USA
Volcano Island, Director: Anna Katalin Lovrity, Animation, 9 minutes, Hungary
Consternation, Director: Zachary Stoner, Animation, 2 minutes, USA
Ginevra, Director: Tess Martin, Animation, 4 minutes, USA
Fundamental, Director: Shih-Chieh Chiu, Animation, 7 minutes, Taiwan
Airport, Director: Michaela Müller, Animation, 11 minutes, Croatia
Tightly Wound, Director: Shelby Hadden, Animation, 10 minutes, USA/Chile
Tête à Tête , Director: Natasha Tonkin, Animation, 8 minutes, United Kingdom
The Distance of the Moon, Director: Elena Megalos, Animation, 11 minutes, USA

Saturday, April 14

11:00 AM Saturday Morning Cartoons

Together We Count!, Director: Ridvan Maloku, Animation, 1 minute, USA
Chop, Director: Ida Hem, Animation, 3 minutes, USA
The Wolf vs. The Aliens, Director: Passions Works Studio, Animation, 6 minutes, USA
Jumpy, Director: Anthony Falleroni, Animation, 4 minutes, USA
Lilly and the Baby, Director: The Bum Family, Animation, 7 minutes, Canada
Puppy Trials, Director: Thomas Nicol, Animation, 4 minutes, USA
In A Heartbeat, Director: Beth David/Esteban Bravo, Animation, 5 minutes, USA
The Adventure of the Afternoon, Directors: Vance Yang/Stella Huang, Animation, 8 minutes, Taiwan
Sting of the Cactus, Director: Bekky O’Neil, Animation, 8 minutes, Canada
Space Girls, Director: Carys Watford, Narrative, 10 minutes, United Kingdom
Toys, Director: Amanda Quaid, Animation, 2 minutes, USA
Poles Apart, Director: Paloma Baeza, Animation, 12 minutes, United kingdom
Pittari , Director: Patrick Smith, Animation, 4 minutes, USA
Tyrannosaurus Funk , Director: Sandra Boynton, Animation, 5 minutes, USA
You Can’t Play With Us , Director: Jason Rhein/Serene Bacigalupi, Animation, 16 minutes, USA

1:00 Distance Between Us

American Dream, Director: Alexia Oldini, Narrative, 12 minutes, USA
Sothea, Director: Kate-Marie Engberg, Narrative, 15 minutes, Cambodia
The Window, Director: Fernanda Soares, Narrative, 22 minutes, USA
Miss World, Director: Georgia Fu, Narrative, 19 minutes, Taiwan
Sweet Maddie Stone, Director: Brady Hood, Narrative, 24 minutes, United Kingdom

1:10 Alaska is a Drag

Alaska is a Drag, Director: Shaz Bennett, Narrative, 90 minutes, USA

1:15 Gravitational Field

Bound, Director: Billy Palumbo, Experimental, 9 minutes, 16mm, USA
The Space Shuttle Challenger, Director: Cecilia Araneda, Experimental, 10 minutes, USA
Onward Lossless Follows, Director: Michael Robinson, Experimental, 17 minutes, USA
Wherever You Go, There You Are, Director: Jesse McLean, Experimental, 12 minutes, USA
Palmerston Blvd., Director: Dan Browne, Experimental, 15 minutes, Canada
Decoy, Director: Alee Peoples, Experimental, 11 minutes, 16mm, USA
Borderhole, Director: Amber Bemak/Nadia Granados, Experimental, 14 minutes, Mexico

3:00 Just Breathe

Hope Dies Last, Director: Ben Price, Narrative, 8 minutes, United Kingdom
Vincent, Director: Mia Gutierrez Maxwell, Narrative, 11 minutes, United Kingdom
Voice, Director: Takeshi Kushida, Narrative, 10 minutes, Japan
An Etiology of Fatigue, Director: Nazgol Kashani, Narrative, 18 minutes, USA
Running Eagle, Director: Konrad Tho Fiedler, Narrative, 13 minutes, USA
For Nonna Anna, Director: Luis De Filippis, 13 minutes, Canada

3:15 The Mothman of Point Pleasant

The Mothman of Point Pleasant, Director: Seth Breedlove, Documentary, 71 minutes, USA
The Escape, Director: Jaroslaw Konopka, Animation, 15 minutes, Poland
Phototaxis, Director: Melissa Ferrari, Animation, 7 minutes, USA

7:30 The Window of Dreams

The Window of Dreams, Director: Cendrine Robelin, Documentary, 58 minutes, France
Highview, Director: Simon Liu, Experimental, 20 minutes, United Kingdom/Hong Kong/USA
Framelines, Director: Sabine Gruffat, Experimental, 11 minutes, USA
A Denial, Director: Natasha Woods, Experimental, 5 minutes, USA

9:00 Moon in Pisces

Collapsing, Director: Brian Ratigan, Experimental, 1 minute, USA
Hear Colors, Director: YUNTIAN ZANG, Experimental, 3 minutes, USA
Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix, Director: Jennifer Proctor, Experimental, 10 minutes, USA
The Shadow of the Bride, Director: Alessandra Pescetta, Experimental, 12 minutes, Italy
The Purple Plain, Director: Kim Albright, Narrative, 13 minutes, United Kingdom
Sauna, Director: Charlie Polinger, Experimental, 14 minutes, USA
Swimming, Director: Carrie Love, Experimental, 14 minutes, USA
Lacrimosa, Director: Tanja Mairitsch, Narrative, 19 minutes, Austria

9:15 Ruin Me

Ruin Me, Director: Preston DeFrancis, Narrative, 88 minutes, USA

9:30 Safe Word

The Insecurities of Dill, Director: Robert Trott, Animation, 7 minutes, United Kingdom
Harry, Director: Edwin McGill, Narrative, 7 minutes, Australia
Afloat , Director: Riffy Ahmed, Experimental, 11 minutes, United Kingdom
Serving Joy , Director: Martin Sharpe, Narrative, 14 minutes, Australia
Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was , Director: Laura Harrison, Animation, 15 minutes, USA
Nicole’s Cage, Director: Josef Brandl, Narrative, 15 minutes, Germany
Fucking Bunnies , Director: Teemu Niukkanen, Narrative, 17 minutes, Finland

Sunday, April 15

1:30 Farmsteaders

Farmsteaders, Director: Shaena Mallett, Documentary, 63 minutes, USA
The Last Honey Hunter, Director: Ben Knight, Documentary, 30 minutes, USA

3:30 The Cinema Travellers

The Cinema Travellers, Director: Shirley Abraham/Amit Madheshiya Documentary, 96 minutes, India