AIFVF 2020 and 2021 Award Winners

Thank you to our 2020/2021 Distinguished Jury: Tony Buba, Jan McMannis, Amber Bemak, Nadia Granados, Bill Brown, Sabine Gruffat

Programmers Prize (Awarded by the Programming Team)

Director: Stavit Allweis, Experimental, USA, 48 min.

From the Booth Prize (Awarded by Dan and Dan of the projection team)

Eat the Rainbow
Director: Brian Benson, Narrative, USA, 20 min.

2020 Jury Awards

Feature Narrative 2020

Director: Nicole Riegel, Narrative, USA, 88 min.

Feature Documentary 2020

Cinema Pameer
Director: Martin von Krogh, Documentary, Afghanistan, 80 min.

Animation 2020

Director: Zehong Zhu, Animation, UK, 5 min.

Narrative Short 2020

Ship: a Visual Poem
Director: Terrance Daye, Narrative, USA, 12 min.

Documentary Short 2020

The Mortician of Manila
Director: Leah Borromeo, Documentary, Philippines, 25 min.

Experimental Short 2020

We Were Hardly More Than Children
Director: Cecelia Condit, Experimental, USA, 9 min.

Music Video 2020

Emotions in Metal
Director: Tommy Becker, Experimental, 21 min.

Research Award 2020 (Sponsored by Ohio University Libraries)

Director: Roger Beebe, Documentary, 25 min.

Black Bear Award 2020 (For the best use of sound)

Director: John Muse, Experimental, USA, 11 min.

Film House Award 2020 (For Visionary Filmmaking)

Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad
Director: Salma Shamel, Experimental, Egypt, USA, 11 min.

Jury Mentions 2020

Black Sheep Boy
Director: James Molle, Animation, France, 15 min
Director: Danski Tang, Animation, China, USA, 7 min.
They Salivate
Director: Ariane Boukerche, Narrative, France, 20 min.
Coby and Stephen Are In Love
Directors: Carlo Nasisse, Yuanyuan Yang, Documentary, USA, 28 min.
Director: Lori Felker, Documentary, USA, 14 min.
Strip and War
Director: Andrei Kutsila, Documentary, Belarus, Poland, 69 min.

Jury Awards 2021

Feature Narrative 2021

Director: Sevgi Hirschhäuser, Narrative, Turkey, 106 mins.

Feature Documentary 2021

Film About a Father Who
Director: Lynne Sachs, Documentary, USA, 74 mins.

Animation 2021

Average Happiness
Director: Maja Gehrig, Animation, Switzerland, 7 mins.

Narrative Short 2021

Director: Hanxiong Bo, Narrative, China, Spain, 16 mins.

Documentary Short 2021

The Long Wait
Director: Shuang Li, Documentary, China, USA, 26 mins.

Experimental Short 2021

The Truth About Hastings
Director: Dan S, Experimental, USA, 10 mins.

Music Video 2021

Pirate Bay
Director: Lisa Truttmann, Music Video, UK, Austria, 6 mins.

Research Award 2021 (Sponsored by Ohio University Libraries)

My Favorite Software is Being Here
Director: Alison Nguyen, Animation, USA, 20 mins.

Film House Award 2021 (For Visionary Filmmaking)

Director: Sarah Friedland, Experimental, USA, 17 mins.

Black Bear Award 2021 (For the best use of sound)

New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe
Director: Georg Koszulinski, Experimental, USA, 12 mins.

Jury Mentions 2021

Director: Szöllősi Anna, Animation, Hungary, 10 mins.
Then Comes the Evening
Director: Maja Novaković, Documentary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28 mins.
Another Horizon
Director: Stephanie M. Barber, Experimental, USA, 9 mins.
Off the Road
Director: José Permar, Documentary, Mexico, 78 mins.