Founded in 1974, the AIFVF has been presenting the best in international film for 44 years. Known globally as a festival that supports cinema from underground and marginalized populations, the AIFVF represents the values that we share as a community. It is a champion of justice and provides a voice for underrepresented artists and viewpoints on a global level. For four decades, Athens International has embraced experimental, narrative, short-form, feature length, and documentary films from every corner of the globe, offering filmmakers a stellar platform for public exposure and an environment that values artistry above marquee names and industry relationships.

The Competition Process

Each year, a Prescreening Committee comprised of artists, students, and community activists watch all the films and videos entered in the competition. After all entries have been watched, the prescreeners evaluate all entries to determine films to include in public screenings.

Cash prizes are awarded by guest jurors, in four categories: documentary, experimental, narrative, and animation. Festival Jurors will be announced just prior to the Festival. Awards will be announced on the final day of the Festival.

Competition films are then programmed around various themes that emerge from the films selected; our intention is to group films into shows that reflect a common thematic thread. This year 2,200 films were submitted to the competition. From these; 235 films from 41 countries were chosen to screen at this year’s festival.

Festival Staff

Director: David Colagiovanni
Graduate Assistant: Nazgol Kashani 
Hospitality Coordinator: Kelee Riesbeck
Technical Direction: Dan Bruell, Dan Moray
Design and Art Direction: Maryam Khaleghiyazdi, Shiva Ghasemi
Audio & Lighting Tech: Cullen Beach
Screen Printing: Jacob Parker
Proofreading: Daryl Malarry Davidson 
Intern: Fisher McDiarmid
Festival Workers: Ohio University Film Division students, and the students of the Film Festival Practicum.

Athena Cinema Staff

Director: Alexandra Kamody
Technical Director and Audience Experience Coordinator: Yang Miller
Administrative Services Associate: Connor Baker
Event Photographer: Margaret Thompson

The Athena is staffed by a talented group of over 40 Ohio University students from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Scripps College of Communication – GRID Lab Team

Director: John Bowditch
Lab Manager: Anthony Zoccola
Virtual Reality Video Supervisor: Eric Williams
Immersive Audio Supervisor: Josh Antonuccio
Virtual Reality Instructor: Chip Linscott
Virtual Reality Exhibition Graduate Assistant: Josh Crook
Augmented Reality and Haptics team leads: Kellye Blosser and Owen Lowery

The GRID Lab team consists of over 20 amazing undergraduate and graduate game developers, mobile and VR app developers, animators, artists, immersive filmmakers and audio specialists, technologists, post production editors, scriptwriters, and visual effects producers.

In addition, over a dozen VR students have volunteered to assist with the Laurie Anderson Virtual Reality Exhibit.

Contact us:

Mailing Address:
Athens Int’l Film and Video Festival
P.O. Box 388, Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740-593-1330
Fax: 740-597-2560 fax
Email: athensohiofilmfest@gmail.com
Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram