Milwaukee 53206 – 2017

Show: Milwaukee 53206
Competition Feature
Saturday, April 8, 2:30 PM

Milwaukee 53206
Director: Keith McQuirter
54 min

MILWAUKEE 53206 tells the story of those affected by mass incarceration in America’s most incarcerated ZIP code. Through the powerful journeys of Beverly Walker, Dennis Walton and Chad Wilson we witness how incarceration has shaped their lives, their families and their community. These intimate stories reveal how a community fights to move forward even as a majority of its young men end up in prison. The film examines how decades of poverty, unemployment, and a lack of opportunity has contributed to the crisis of mass incarceration in this community and communities across the nation.

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Soy Cubana
Director: Jeremy Ungar/Ivaylo Getov
17 mins

Winners of the 2016 CUBADISCO Award for best vocal group, the Vocal Vidas are a female a cappella quartet from Santiago de Cuba – the cradle of Afro-Cuban music. This documentary explores their unique sound and tells the story of crafting a musical career in a society in which artistic merit is not measured solely by economic success.

Director: Drew Dickler/Jakob Hochendoner
17 min

Four residents from Lakeview Terrace, a public housing project in Cleveland, gather at their community center to transform their life stories into art and their grief into understanding. They are Brick City Theater.

Search Party
Director: Tesia Joy Walker
9 min

A mother throwing a surprise party for her son in the Harlem Grant Housing projects, has her celebration interrupted by uninvited guests.

Two Armed Black Men
Director: Dustin Jenkins
6 min

When a young African American man gets his concealed carry, he finds that society is not as comfortable with him carrying a firearm as he thinks they should be.