The Space Inside – Shorts 2022

Tuesday, April 5, 5:00 PM

Mind Body Spirit (Meditation Guide) Director: Denver Michael Bastion, Experimental, USA, 3 min
A thoughtful meditation guide that facilitates a transient state though exploration of the mind, body, and spirit.

Hockingport Director: Jacqueline Foss, Experimental, USA, 4 min
While shooting abstracted footage pertaining to my photographic experiences in Hockingport, OH, the repetition of time serves as a semblance to the mnemonic remembrance of memory recall.

Chilly & Milly Director: William David Caballero, Documentary, USA, 9 min
A story of love and resiliency in the face of hardship, turmoil, and the encroaching death of a loved one.

The Builder Director: Kobi Vogman, Experimental, Israel, 10 min
A ladder is coming to life in a dismantled world, walking into a journey between landscapes, structures, and movements.

What I Had to Leave Behind Director: Sean David Christensen, Animation, USA, 10 min
As a tenant moves out of their apartment, their memories of living in that space reawaken, one last time.

Conditions for an Unfinished Work of Mourning: Wretched Yew Director: Dawn Roe, Experimental, USA, 11 min
An ongoing, site-responsive project considering the potential of place and topography as harboring evidence of wounds and repair.

The Sign of Nothing Director: Gaspar Insfran, Experimental, Paraguay, 11 min
The search of emptiness and its implications in life and in dreams.

Creature Director: María Silvia Esteve, Experimental, Argentina, 16 min
In the depths of her mind, pain takes the form of a creature. A love relationship unleashes the obscurity within, to evoke in the real world, a world of shadows.

Zurvan Director: Nazgol Kashani, Documentary, Iran, USA, Germany, 23 min
A man’s tribute to his home village turns into an intense psychotic episode where his reality becomes blurred with mythology.