Saturday Morning Cartoons – Shorts 2022

Saturday, April 2, 10:00 AM

In The Future Dir. Kelly Gallagher, Animation, USA, 4 min

Bless You Dir. Daniel Sweed, Experimental, Israel, 2 min
A music clip made from a mix of sneeze sounds in a crazy world where COVID-19 masks come to life.

Don’t Be Scared Dir. Richard O’Connor, Animation, USA, 3 min
A family of birds looks for safety in a storm.

Nounours Dir. Lou Rigoudy Animation, Canada, 3 min
A baby girl stumbles across a box. In it, she discovers a new friend, a teddy bear. Like a dream, we are transported through moments in their relationship, flashes in time, as the girl begins to run, play, and learn about the world. But as she grows older, the time comes to pack away childish things for good…

Feels Dir. Stas Bashkatov, Music Video, Latvia, 4 min
A 7-year-old girl in a wheelchair feels very lonely sitting in her room. Her only friend is a little ant in a formicarium. She falls asleep and gets into an alternative reality with the four elements superheroes. Her abilities become limitless here. She enjoys life, flies and fight with the enemy. She returns home happy, strong and self-confident.

Cat and Moth Dir. India Barnardo, Animation, Canada, 8 min
A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe, but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too.

Plastic Free Hoga Dir. Keshav Kundal, Music Video, India, 4 min
nnovative efforts lead towards a plastic-free movement.

Tales from the Multiverse Dir. Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith, Animation, Denmark, 7 min
God is a single parent and amateur programmer.

Blue Cooler Dir. Laura Margulies, Animation, USA, 8 min
Blue Cooler, an oil painted animated short film, captures small moments of life in Hawaii through a montage of richly painted and colorful brush strokes, sounds and images.

You Sold My Roller Skates? Dir. Margaux CazaL, Jeanne Hamel, Louis Holmes, Sandy Lachkar, Agathe Leroux, Léa Rrey-Mauzaize, Animation, France, 6 min
Treachery! Lou’s mum sold his beloved rollerskates at the garage sale. A series of strange and revealing encounters begin when he goes looking for them in the buzzing crowd.

Pimento! Dir. Caleb Carl Nelson, Animation, USA, 6 min
Pimento! Follows a tiny goblin’s misadventures as she’s sent out on a special errand: stealing from the sprawling human-populated metropolis Ballyhoo! Only time will tell if she’s enough of a monster to commit heinous crimes—or if her moral compass will stand in her way!

The Farmer and the Lightning Storm Dir. Danielle Browne, Animation, Colombia, USA, 6 min
Burdened by frustration and fear, the Goddess of Lightning cannot find meaning in what she does and suppresses her abilities. Can a nearby Farmer help Lightning regain confidence in her powers, and by extension, in herself?

Cat and Bird Director: Franka Sachse, Animation, Germany, 8 min
A white bird living in a black world encounters a black cat living in a white world. The moment they meet, their backgrounds literally collide.

The Sausage Run Director: Thomas Stellmach, Animation, Belgium, Germany, 10 min
The tragic story of a little lamb.