Rapid Eye Movement

Saturday, April 13, 3:15 PM

Director: Frédéric Moffet
Experimental, USA, 9 min.

Horses are lucky, they’re stuck with the war same as us, but nobody expects them to be in favor of it, or to pretend to believe in it.

Director: Luca Dipierro
Animation, USA, 4 min.

A Requiem for Father Murphy.

Gut Feeling
Director: Nesto
Narrative, USA, 6 min.

Two scientists toss logic, reason, and the scientific method to the wind in favor of a “gut feeling” that their experiment will work.

We are in a Dream
Directors: Henna Välkky, Eesu Lehtola
Animation, Finland, 6 min.

Based on personal recordings of people narrating their recurring dreams.

Life After Love
Director: Zachary Epcar
Experimental, USA, 9 min.

A shifting in the light of the lot, where parked cars become containers for a collective estrangement.

Director: Jacob Midkiff
Experimental, USA, 4 min.

A relationship between a man and his mannequin.

Director: Brian Zahm
Narrative, USA, 3 min.

Two women in the throes of lust. One predator. One prey.

Director: Ryan McGlade
Narrative, USA, 14 min.

Jed’s family isn’t how he remembered it.

Box of Chocolates
Director: Kanat Omurbekov
Narrative, USA, 11 min.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what is inside.

For The Love of Kyle
Directors: Peter Campbell, Thomas Campbell
Narrative, USA, 17 min.

In a desperate attempt to win back the love of his life, a man slowly realizes he’s trapped inside a bizarre made-for-TV drama.