Pink Hill

Saturday, April 13, 5:15 PM

Pink Hill
Director: Robert Flanagan
Narrative, USA, 75 min.

Four friends spend a final summer together tangled in a web of sexual obsession, alienation and magic.
Leroy and Vye are suffocating in the small southern town of Pink Hill. They are counting on Vye’s art work to be accepted so they can escape to Paris. Their friend Charles has given up on life and has become a recluse; Leroy and Vye hope to help him get on his feet before they leave town. A charismatic model, Azalia, enters the story and they become caught up in jealousy and intrigue. While the characters are concerned with their personal worlds the forces of nature are pushing them towards darkness, magic and isolation.

Plays with:

Neil’s Problem
Director: Brian MacNeel
Narrative, USA, 15 min.

After the traumatic death of his friend, the imaginative Neil becomes selectively mute. When his speech therapist tries innovative techniques to get him to speak again, Neil’s life takes a strange turn.