Postcards – Shorts 2020

Friday, 10/15, 7:00 PM

Statue Island video still

Statue Island
Director: Princess and The Cowboy, Documentary, USA, 3 min.
A fascinating tour of statues around the New York City borough of Staten Island.

At The River video still

At The River
Director: Angelo Madsen Minax, Documentary, USA, 10 min.
It is the 4th of July in a small river town in middle America and the water levels are rising.

Sell Me A Cow video still

Sell Me A Cow
Directors: Jacob Koestler, Michael McDermit, Documentary, USA, 10 min.
Each day at the Oklahoma National Stockyards, the hypnotic chants of cattle auctioneers fill the exchange floor from dawn into the night.

Unless You're Living It video still

Unless You’re Living It
Director: Sarah Bliss, Experimental, 9 min.
An edgy, unsettling portrait of place and power in rural white Ontario.

Re-flex-ions n. pl. Variant of reflection
Directors: Tony Buba, Mary Carey, Documentary, USA, 3 min.
A mirror image of our community, Braddock, PA.

How to Breathe in Kern County

How to Breathe in Kern County
Director: Chris Filippone, Documentary, USA, 9 min.
As the workday grinds to a halt, a gathering of street racers makes way for the backroads of Bakersfield to find catharsis.

Lewiston video still

Director: Jacob Roberts, Documentary, USA, 19 min.
Racial violence breaks out in Lewiston, Maine, reigniting tensions between white residents and the town’s six thousand Somali refugees.

Instead of Leaving video still

Instead of Leaving
Director: Facundo Castro, Documentary, Colombia, 25 min.
An old building in the city of Bogotá opens its doors to reveal the life of its inhabitants.