Monday, April 6, 3:15 PM

When It Is Still
Director: Anna Kipervaser, Experimental, 10 min.
An enactment of transmutation, of the animation of the previously inanimate, the dead, the unborn. A rebirth of the self.

Scenes from the Periphery
Director: Derek Taylor, Experimental, 3 min.
An aerial survey of the filmmaker’s place of origin.

Director: Wenhua Shi, Experimental, China, 6 min.
A radical use of single frame image capture and examines his strange and familiar hometown in China.

Director: Balázs Simon, Experimental, Hungary, 5 min.
A music video by Balázs Simon created for Leifur James’s ‘Wulitzer’.

Continents Quiver as Memories Erupt Into Eathflames
Director: Georg Koszulinski
Experimental, Canada, Cuba, Haiti, USA, 14 min.
An essay film reflecting on the relationships between the Anthropocene, poetry, parenthood, and the history of Alan Moore’s 1980’s run on the Swamp Thing comic book.

As If Sand Were Stone…
Director: Ben Mendelsohn, Documentary, USA, 35 min.
The making and remaking of New York City’s coastlines through dredging and sand-filling.

Remote Viewing
Directors: Ray Klimek, Judson Evans, Experimental, France, 35 min.

Posted in Competition 2020