Mostly Queer Love – 2023

Friday, April 14, 5:00 PM

Untitled Movie
Director: Annie Brennen, Narrative, USA, 12 min
Zoe is making a movie about a woman who is making a movie. In it, her character has to kiss a woman.

Give It To Me
Director: Courtney Hope Therond, Narrative, USA, 9 min
When Maxine hires a sex worker, Lucy, to recreate a traumatic sexual experience, things don’t go quite as they planned.

A Painfully Obvious Miscommunication in Teenage Romance
Director: Joe Tufte, Narrative, USA, 13 min
A quirky, campy, queer rom-com following two best friends in their senior year of high school, struggling to explain their true feelings to each other after a miscommunication.

Director: Mathilde Suissa, Narrative, USA, 10 min
Maureen comes home to hear suspicious noises coming from her step-daughter’s bedroom. Busting in, Maureen catches Penelope, her stepdaughter, suspecting she was with a boy and he is hiding in the room. Who emerges from hiding is not who Maureen expected, and causes a swift and rippling change in their relationships.

Christopher at Sea
Director: Tom CJ Brown, Animation, 15 min
After embarking as a passenger onboard a cargo ship returning to Europe he begins to question his sanity and the very understanding of his perception of time in this romantic psychological thriller at sea.

Die Young
Director: Violet Price, Narrative, USA, 15 min
A hitman spends his last night on earth wandering around LA and wasting time BS-ing with weirdos.

After Sunset, Dawn arrives
Director: Andy Yi Li, Narrative, USA, 17 min
In the early 2000s in old China Town, Los Angeles, an introverted and unsociable sixty-five-year-old Chinese man falls in love with a man who is nearly 30 years younger than him. He struggles to embrace his homosexual identity which he has suppressed for his entire life.

Director: Mike Donahue, Narrative, USA, 16 min
Troy has loud sex. Troy has loud sex 24-7. Troy shares a wall with Thea and Charlie. Troy is ruining their lives… or is he saving them? A darkly comedic tale of New York neighbors, the ways in which we become interwoven with the lives of strangers, and the unexpected consequences of unasked-for intimacy.