Mansplain – 2023

Monday, April 10, 9:15 PM

Intimacy Workshop
Director: Eddie Prunoske, Narrative, USA, 10 min
In a stark church basement, a group of men gather for a symposium on the elusive art of human connection.

Alpha Kings
Directors: Enrique Pedraza Botero, Faye Tsakas, Documentary, USA, 15 min
From a rented mansion in suburbian Texas, a group of young men sell a hyperbolic, alpha male version of themselves on the internet.

The Mechanics of Fluids
Director: Gala Hernández López, Documentary, France, 35 min
In 2018, an incel called Anathematic Anarchist posted a suicide letter on Reddit entitled “America is responsible for my death”. The Mechanics of Fluids is an attempt to find answers to his words. A virtual drift through the internet in search of his digital traces that ends up being an inner journey between our connected solitudes.