Laura Harrison – In Person

Friday, April 12, 5:30 PM


Laura Harrison

Laura is a filmmaker and director who lives and works in Chicago. Her experimental, narrative animations focus on marginalized, social outcasts with their own sub cultures. These fringe characters provide a focal point for her concerns with diaspora, trans humanism, gender and the loss of touch in an overwhelmingly visual world. Her films have shown at various festivals internationally including The New York Film Festival, Ottowa International Animation Festival, Animafest Zagreb, LA Film Festival, The Chicago Underground Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Japan Media Arts Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, GLAS, Melbourne International Animation Festival and many others.


The Lingerie Show
USA, 2015, 8 min.

Drug-addict Lorraine and her boyfriend Caesar are having a nightmarish 24 hours until Lorraine calls up her sister, CiCi, for help.

Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was
USA, 2018, 15 min.

After too many social dust ups, an unhinged artist, Anna, goes berserk at an academic’s barbecue. To add insult to injury, her German Studies boyfriend, Klaus, mansplains about the path her work should take, strongly encouraging her to focus on traditional forms such as portraiture. The barbecue becomes an endless trial which culminates in an assault. In jail Anna finally receives a sympathetic ear to her story. A cautionary tale of transformation through trauma, and the necessity of storytelling to process grief.