Finding the Words

Wednesday, April 10, 1:15 PM

Masha & Dasha
Director: Darya Marchenkova
Documentary, USA, 13 min.

Two Russian-American sisters examine why they stopped speaking their first language after moving to the United States as children.

Ato San Nen
Director: Pedro Collantes
Narrative, France, 25 min.

Despite the absence of a common language, Hiroshi and Marisa make efforts to communicate with each other.

Wanderer Carrying Roots
Director: Chao Zhou
Experimental, USA, 7 min.

The barrier of culture, the nostalgia pertaining to a homeland, and the melancholy of family.

Director: Gustavo Rosa
Narrative, USA, 12 min.

An undocumented Brazilian immigrant living in the Boston area decides to buy a car in an effort to better his life before returning home.

Tracing Addai
Director: Esther Niemeier
Documentary, Germany, 30 min.

In his early twenties Addai leaves his entire life behind and moves to Syria to help victims of the civil war.