Urban Sprawl – 2023

Tuesday, April 11, 3:00 PM

The Information
Director: Stephanie Barber, Experimental, USA, 2 min
Sometimes, among the rubble of the endless forgetting and re-membering of our personal and collective histories, an artifact emerges.

Director: Diane Nerwen, Experimental, 6 min
Weaving together images from New York City luxury real estate listings into a single virtual tour. Cutting between multi-million dollar apartments with “soaring cinematic views” BOOM depicts a city that has undergone a dizzying transformation into perhaps the world’s largest gated community.

Welcome to 8th Street
Director: Yoo Lee, Animation, USA, 7 min
As newcomers attempt to settle into their New Jersey neighborhood on 8th Street, some odd encounters make them question their decision to move. However, that changes when a wild turkey shows up on their block.

Director: Richard Peter Tuohy, Experimental, Australia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Qatar, Russia, 11 min
A constant series of tiny collisions.

Director: Jussi Eerola, Experimental, Finland, 9 min
Night falls down on empty business premises – and lights go up! A minimalistic musical.

Contrapunctus V
Director: Kenji Ouellet, Documentary, Japan, 18 min
A time capsule of sorts, centered on (biological or artificial) brain states makes different themes and voices converge and connect in a rhizomatic structure.

The (Other) 700 Club
Director: Araque Blanco, Documentary, USA, 10 min
At the intersection of Broadway and Thornton St in Brooklyn, a loose community of delivery workers gathers every day to hang out and share their experiences while waiting for their next job.

Saturday In The Park
Directors: Irene Kim Chin, Kurt Vincent, Tara Kutz, Documentary, USA, 30 min
Saturday In The Park is an adventure through Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. With Steve Buscemi as our guide, we meet a diverse array of people of all ages and backgrounds who love and care for the Park.