This Shaking Keeps Me Steady

Friday, April 12, 1:15 PM

This Shaking Keeps Me Steady
Director: Shehrezad Maher
Experimental, Pakistan, 61 min.

Through a mix of intimate free-form interviews with three first responders in Karachi, Pakistan, and scenes from the filming of popular crime re-enactment TV shows, ‘This Shaking Keeps Me Steady’ is an exploration of the ways in which trauma, violence, and gender are represented, stylized, and performed.

Plays with:

Pain is Mine
Director: Farshid Akhlaghi
Documentary, Australia, 13 min.
After her spinal surgery, she was always in pain, intense pain, unendurable pain. Painkillers have been her refuge for a long time, but one day, she decided to stop.