State of the Union – Shorts 2020

Sunday, 10/17, 9:30 PM

Hand in HandHand in Hand
Director: Ennio Ruschetti, Narrative, Switzerland, 4 min.
Two politicians shake hands. The Situation gets out of hand.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias
Director: Theodore Collatos, Experimental, 7 min.
With corruption in the USA at an all time high, accused rapist Brett Kavanough is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.

Director: Dani Wasserman, Experimental, USA, 7 min.
In a post-fascist USA, the government classifies “anti-social” videos ripped from the internet for archival purposes. This is one such video.

A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message
Director: Rhea Storr, Experimental, UK, 12 min.
Celebration is protest at Leeds West Indian Carnival.

Petting Zoo
Director: Daniel Robin, Documentary, 11 min.
In 1974 the local news station came into our home to document and learn about Jewish rituals.

Affurmative Action
Director: Travis Wood, Documentary, 4 min.
An exploration of workplace diversity or the lack there of, told through meet the team pages.

Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part One)

Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part One)
Director: Mitch McCabe, Experimental, USA, 15 min.
A films contemplating a second American civil war via lyrical nonfiction.

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan
Director: Dylan Redford, Experimental, USA, 9 min.
Dylan prepares for an active shooter attack at his workspace.

Post-Election Works

Post-Election Works
Director: Kate Haug, Documentary, USA, 17 min.
A circular nature of history and identity evolves within the context of contemporary politics.