Something About Maps – 2023

Thursday, April 13, 3:00 PM

A City W/O a Map
Director: Josh Weissbach, Experimental, Cuba, Israel, USA, 8 min
Signal communications proliferate across borders. Incongruent shapes subtracted from form. Fractal topographies without document.

Looking Backward
Director: Ben Balcom, Experimental, USA, 10 min
Filmed on the former grounds of Black Mountain College, Looking Backward is a brief elegy to the legacy of a utopian college and other impossible projects.

Moonlight, Milorganite, and You
Director: Natasha Woods, Experimental, USA, 10 min
A meditatation on Milwaukee’s socialist history, and the city’s “Sewer Socialists,” who led efforts to improve public health in the early nineteenth-century.

En Avant [about a year in MPLS]
Director: Dan Schneidkraut, Documentary, USA, 37 min
A meditative ride through the city during a period of tumult and transition: coming together and falling apart.

Urban Solutions
Directors: Arne Hector, Minze Tummescheit, Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes, Documentary Brazil, 30 min
A European artist writes about his experience in portraying life in Brazil during the colonial period. Everything seems to be in its place. Until the images portrayed by the European artist emerge, and with them all the nightmares of a country’s past.