Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm – Feature 2020

Wednesday, 10/20, 7:00 PM

Seasons of Change on Henrys Farm video still

Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm
Director: Ines Sommer
Documentary, Japan, USA, 83 min.

For a quarter-century, Henry Brockman has worked alongside nature to grow delicious organic vegetables on his idyllic Midwestern farm. But farming takes a toll on his aging body and Henry dreams of scaling back. So he puts his former apprentices in charge of the farm, while spending a “fallow year” with his wife Hiroko in Japan. But things don’t turn out as planned, and Henry must grapple with the future of farming in a changing climate on personal, generational, and global levels.

Plays with:

Humanity-Has-Not-Yet-Failed_video still

Humanity Has Not Failed
Directors: Norma V. Toraya, Jared P. Scott
Animation, USA, 8 min.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg juxtaposes the absurdity of political inaction with the straightforward high-stakes of the climate emergency.