Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday, April 13, 11:00 AM

Director: Richard O’Connor
Animation, USA, 2 min.

A journey through North Dublin in the rain.

Shapes and types
Director: Yana Pan
Experimental, USA, 3 min.

Playing with shapes, textures, colors, and sounds.

Take Rabbit
Director: Peter Peake
Animation, UK, 16 min.

A humorous take on an age-old conundrum.

Am I Oright
Director: Yen Liang Chen
Animation, Taiwan, 5 min.

The experience of getting lost, growing, and transforming.

Unexpected Discoveries
Director: James Mabery
Animation, USA, 3 min.

A young fellow stumbles upon a flashlight that allows him to explore other places.

The Penguin Who Couldn’t Swim
Director: Tom Rourke
Animation, UK, 6 min.

A Penguin who lives on a rocky island in the southern seas feels isolated from the rest of her colony.

Miles Away
Barbara Brunner
Animation, Switzerland, 4 min.

Miles ventures on a road trip with his best friend; a tree.

Hors Piste
Directors: Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet
Animation, France, 7 min.

The two best rescue workers of the region are ready for their new mission.

The Lost Sound
Director: Steffie Yee
Animation, Australia, 2 min.

A woman looks at the matrilineal inheritance of linguistic tones in her family.

Lost Islands of Philadelphia
Director: Jennifer Levonian
Animation, USA, 10 min.

A young girl reads about the islands of Smith and Windmil and sets off on her own to find them.