Press Play – 2024

Tuesday, April 9, 9:30 PM

Director: Terra E. Talamh, Music Video, USA, 4 min
Can Mommy navigate this musical obstacle course and find her weed?

Beyond Farewell
Director: Jackie Shijie Xing, Music Video, USA, 5 min
AI engineer Sam grieves her late girlfriend Joy by working nonstop.

Spinnin’, Mary J Blige, Jam & Lewis, DJs Amira & Kayla Remix
Director: Robbie Reddy, Music Video, UK, 4 min
Toy figurines of producers Jam and Lewis, and a framed photo Mary J. Blige, magically spring to life.

1 2 12
Director: Timothy David Orme, Music Video, USA, 4 min
Official Music Video for “1 2 12” by Carlos Cotallo Solares

We Won The Fight
Director: Nicolas Gebbe, Music Video, Germany, 4 min
An experimental glitch cyborg love ballad music video.

Director: Marco Espirito Santo, Experimental, Portugal, 2 min
It is May 6th, 2023, the day of the Coronation of King Charles III in London, and a young man calls Emergency Medical Services claiming the whole thing is making him feel unwell.

Hank May: Morgana
Director: Jo Garrity, Music Video, USA, 4 min
In a liminal space where life seeks the light, a mental health support group reaches catharsis through kinetic release and a daring mantra.

Jackie Venson – Vintage Machine
Director: Dakota Millett, Music Video, USA, 5 min
Jackie Venson and her Band get invited to play a suspicious concert, which may be their last.

Let’s Get Crazy
Director: Jonathan Fine, Music Video, USA, 3 min
Queer club icon Saint Ahmad and ballroom legend Lolita Leopard channel the ecstatic energy of NYC nightlife.

Director: Tom Dream, Music Video, Australia, 5 min
An exploration of the witch burnings and the dancing plagues of the 16th Century which swept across Europe.

Lea Lustenberger – Crossroad
Director: Piet Esch, Music Video, Switzerland, 4 min
A miniature room, was put on a bike and pushed around in the outskirts of Basel.

Jump (Best Beleevah)
Director: Wilberto Lucci, Music Video, USA, 5 min
A history of uber-successful New Orleans Bounce Music, narrated by New Orleans own LGBTIQA+ artist &Reality Show star Big Freedia.

Ecstasy of Love
Director: Sam Genovese, Music Video, USA, 3 min
Ecstasy of Love from the album STUBBORNDEATHSTUBBORNSTEEL

Six Roasted Chickens
Director: Jeremias Nussbaum, Music Video, Germany, 4 min
Sasha sings about the sadness of roasted chickens.

Ziúr – Eyeroll
Director: Sander Houtkruijer, Music Video, Sweden, 4 min

Hold You Down
Director: Jean Charles Charavin, Music Video, USA, 5 min
Through graceful movements dancers embody emotions associated with mourning and allowing their bodies to express what words cannot.

Directors: Hugo Loiseleux, Ewan Rosenstrauch, Music Video, France, 6 min

Open Waves
Directors: Teresa & Gary Tedder, Music Video, USA, 6 min
As a character embarks on a spontaneous adventure, where she navigates an abstract dreamscape that mirrors the boundless potential of the human mind.

Directors: Laura Harrison, Lilli Carre, Music Video, USA, 11 min
A woman enters an MRI. Her doctor tells her what to expect, but neither can anticipate how the machine will change her.

Elective: ART
Director: Tommy Becker, Music Video, USA, 30 min
An art wizard unlocks a student’s imagination sending them into a surreal world where a color wheel escapes the classroom. The class clown is tasked with retrieving the wheel and freeing other students from the tedium of their school day.
A celebration of youth and the freedom found in the creative process. “