O-Hi-O – 2023

Friday, April 14, 9:15 PM

Director: Kat Frazier, Experimental, USA, 1 min
A direct emotional response after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The Escape
Director: Arianna Olga Gaub, Animation, USA, 2 min
A boy and his younger brother struggle to escape their toxic home life. Follow them and their imagination to see how they find peace.

I Had A Strange Dream Last Night
Director: Mira Haley Steuer, Experimental, USA, 3 min
A film about being a child (now young adult) with chronic illness.

The Triangle Lady
Director: Walker Boyle, Narrative, USA, 4 min
Setting unrealistic body standards can be dangerous.

Director: Jonathan Riles, Animation, USA, 3 min
A slithering creature evolves into different forms, but also remains the same.

Director: Faryar Hosseini, Narrative, USA, 5 min
Accompany a young woman on an invisible journey with a loved one while she is trapped in the real world.

The Rabbit
Director: Max Kaplan, Narrative, USA, 6 min
For your final assignment, tell a true story.

Looking for Johnson Grass
Director: Jeremy Schwochow, Documentary, USA, 8 min
When genes jump, he follows. Nate Hofford is a biologist studying the invasive Johnson Grass. For Nate, this seemingly mundane plant has opened up a world of inquiry and discovery.

Hometown Spirit
Director: Ian LaBarge, Narrative, USA, 9 min
It’s Friday night and a group of high schoolers out in their small town, but one of group members, Megan, wonders about leaving.

Buffalo Dip
Director: Monet Bouie, Narrative, USA, 9 min
Antony (a not-so-old flame of Nick’s) shows up unexpectedly at a birthday party.

Director: Emily Moores, Experimental, USA, 13 min
An experimental film documenting how various substances affect my tic disorder.

Mother of Two
Director: Jacob Midkiff, Narrative, USA, 16 min
Owen starts visiting his estranged Mother at the hospital in efforts of helping her memory.

Talent Show
Director: Jake Harness, Narrative, USA, 17 min
After breaking up with his band, Craig must enter a life-changing talent show by himself.