Let’s Dance – 2023

Monday, April 10, 1:00 PM

Bull Rider
Directors: Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray, Documentary, USA, 2 min
If dance is movement in the form of symbolic communication, then Bull Riding, merged with animals and rooted in the land, is a culture of dance with the arena as its stage.

My Mother’s Last Dance
Director: Ivan knyazev, Experimental, Russia, 3 min
The story that is the most significant for me I cannot put into words. “My mother’s last dance” is the set of various feelings, emotions and worries chasing me for the last two years after my mom passed away

Director: Jon McWilliams, Experimental, USA, 4 min
Where do art forms go to die, when ballet and modern are left behind do they dance together in the in-between before parting ways?

Directors: Vanja Victor, Kabir Tognola, Narrative, Switzerland, 5 min
The morning after a wild party, David and Oscar discover that their roommate Robin is still dancing. What the heck is going on?

Bronx Magic
Director: Marta Renzi, Music Video, USA, 5 min
The everyday magic of dance is everywhere in a Bronx neighborhood.

Three Souls in Search of an Embrace
Directors: Tom Donohue, Greg Shaya, Documentary, Argentina, 15 min
Three dancers, one blind, one in a wheelchair and one born with just one leg, compete to be accepted in perhaps the most exclusive of environments: the World Tango Championship of Buenos Aires. There is no category for “the physically challenged”. There is, however, a chance. Tango is danced with the soul.

Director: Gabriela Ortega, Narrative, USA, 15 min
When the death of her grandmother unleashes a generational curse, a disenchanted flamenco dancer resigned to a desk job is forced to experience the five stages of grief through a visit from her female ancestors, pushing her to finally break the cycle.

3 for E.L.
Director: Maya Gurantz, Experimental, USA, 19 min
In 2013, a woman’s last known movements were captured by elevator surveillance. Released by the LAPD to identify her body, this footage quickly exploded online into thousands of conspiracy theories, becoming fodder for horror and true crime exploitation. 3 for E.L. explores Elisa Lam’s unsolved death by dismantling the tired tropes used to tell her story, translating the elevator footage in three different ways: as physical re-enactment; as a speculative POV journey cutting between memory and hallucination; and an immersive fugue state in found footage.

An Interview with Gladys Bailin
Directors: Kate Mason, Billy Schuerman, Documentary, USA, 20 min
Made by a team of women about a living legend in the world of modern dance. Gladys Bailin was born and raised in New York City, where she choreographed and performed with dance pioneer and avant-garde choreographer, Alwin Nikolais, at the Henry Street Playhouse in Lower Manhattan.