Hungry for More – 2020 Shorts

Monday, 10/18, 3:00 PM

Medium Rare

Medium Rare
Director: Luca Cioci, Experimental, USA, 5 min.
Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.


Director: Jacob Midkiff, Experimental, USA, 4 min.
Have you ever had a mouth-watering burger?

The Coin
Director: Siqi Song, Animation, USA, 7 min.
In Chinese New Year, finding the coin hidden inside of the dumplings means having a blessed year ahead.

Director: Katyayan Shivpuri, Narrative, India, 9 min.
Inspired by true events, Hunger is about a homeless man and his love for food.


Director: Christoph Sarow, Animation, Germany, 10 min.
Vast plains, colorful sceneries, a red dog, that seems to reach into the sky. This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow.

Come eat

¡Come! (eat)
Director: Lizette Barrera, Narrative, USA, 12 min.
A 12 year old Puerto Rican girl’s perspective changes when she brings a popular dessert dish, Arroz con Leche, to a thanksgiving event at her school and no one eats it.

Sunday in Rabatana – A Lesson in Making Pasta
Director: Tony Buba, Documentary, Italy, 18 min.
Jan and I visited my cousin in the Rabatana district of Tursi. She showed us how to make Rascatelli.

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner
Director: Kevin Mead, Narrative, USA, 14 min.
After the recent death of their parents, a passionate Italian-American family reunites to enjoy their customary Sunday dinner.

In your place

In your place
Director: Giuseppe Carleo, Narrative, Italy, 15 min.
Annachiara’s grandma suggests that she uses an ancient rite that could save the destiny of her lost love.