Hot and Heavy – 2024

Wednesday, April 10, 9:15 PM

See Saw
Director: Matt Porter, Narrative, USA, 12 min
Glenn wakes up to discover that his personal data has been leaked and is spreading virally all over the world.

One Happy Customer
Directors: Watts, Narrative, USA, 6 min
The daily routine of an older sex worker. Luring clients in, snatching up their cash, and using her special trick to leave them satisfied and more importantly, to get them out of her hair as quickly as possible.

Krush The Wrestler
Director: Alex Megaro, Documentary, USA, 14 min
Exploring the innate intimacy of submission wrestling, a lifelong wrestler turns his talents into an on-demand fetish video service.

Children’s Books
Director: Nino Mancuso, Narrative, USA, 17 min
A popular children’s book author is trying to separate herself from her overreaching illustrator, until she discovers a dark secret of his that his been hiding in plain sight.

A Study of Empathy
Director: Hilke Rönnfeldt, Narrative, Denmark, 15 min
Dana wants to show empathy. Penelope wants to explore empathy. Penelope’s artistic experiment unfolds and Dana’s feelings are whirled around.

Directors: Nicolas Graux, Quý Trương Minh, Experimental, Belgium, Singapore, Vietnam, 13 min
In an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of Brussels, a young streamer, alias “Porcupine”, performs a live sex show for an online subscriber.

La Perra
Director: Carla Melo Gampert, Animation, Colombia, 14 min
In Bogota, a bird-girl leaves behind the family home, her domineering mother and faithful dog to go and explore her sexuality.

Le Sexe de Ma Mère
Director: Francis Canitrot, Animation, France, 15 min
Eli lives with Marie, his strong-willed mother. Nostalgic for an unbridled youth, “the sex” is an obsession with the old lady. Intrusive, she would like her son to have the same sexual fulfillment as her. One night, Mary dies.