Dylan Mars Greenberg – In Person 2024

Friday, April 12, 7:00 PM

Dylan Mars Greenberg is a filmmaker and video artist from New York City who’s work spans the surreal, neon and uncanny. Paper Magazine says: “Somewhere between the faded pastels and grainy VHS footage of the ’80s and the neo-Dada internet iconoclasm of today lies Dylan Mars Greenberg”. Her work has been featured on Adult Swim, Rolling Stone, NPR, and national television in three continents.

Spirit Riser
Director: Dylan Mars Greenberg, Narrative, 98 min

Two sisters are thrown out of their isolation and onto opposite coasts of America by a terrifying cosmic entity. While one sister suffers from memory loss and the other is too young to understand her own past, the girls discover they possess supernatural powers as they are pursued by the mysterious and unearthly being hell–bent on their destruction. Spirit Riser is a genre-bending fantasy with elements of horror, comedy, action, surrealism, and martial arts from rising New York City filmmaker Dylan Mars Greenberg. With Amanda Flowers, Summer Greenberg, Ryan Trecartin, Michael Madsen, Cherie Currie, Kansas Bowling, and Parker Love Bowling.