Breaking Waves – 2024

Wednesday, April 10, 3:00 PM

Director: Spencer Creigh, Narrative, USA, 9 min
Having lived in a tourist town his entire life, Frankie plays the role of both brash local celebrity and recluse. But when he discovers that a long-time acquaintance has possibly died, it upends his salesman persona.

The Red Color of the Second Planet
Director: Azer Guilev, Narrative, Azerbaijan, 13 min
Against the background of ongoing hostilities, either real or in his personal life, Musa is faced with that mysterious unity, without which he would not have found himself and his freedom.

Tuesday Film
Director: Kaylinn Clotfelter, Narrative, USA, 13 min
Kasey is overburdened by the beautiful scenes she sees while driving around Springfield, MO.

After The Ringing of The Bell
Director: Shahrzad Ebrahimi, Experimental, Iran, 12 min
On his birthday a 6-year-old child falls in love with a hired actress who plays Cinderella.

Du Bist So Wunderbar (Paradise Europe)
Directors: Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Meneze, Narrative, Germany, 17 min
On the day thousands of people went to the streets protesting against unaffordable rents in Berlin, a gay Brazilian immigrant who was just kicked out of his apartment struggles to find a new room while his personal life falls apart as well as the city around him.

Directors: Jack Auen, Kevin Walker, Narrative, USA, 17 min
Rose, aged 85, drives home.

Director: Lori Felker, Narrative, USA, 20 min
Fiction, reality, the private, and the performed overlap on a routine but emotional day at a medical center.