Animation Night – Shorts 2020

Friday, 10/15, 9:00 PM

The Shadow of the Sun video still

The Shadow of the Sun
Director: Ido Hartmann, Animation, Israel, 8 min.
A surreal journey into the memories left with family.

Reflection on Lollipops
Director: Ellen Bartlett, Animation, USA, 3 min.
When a person witnesses their peers smoking from lollipops it sends them into an inter-dimensional world.

Grandad was a Romantic video still

Grandad Was a Romantic.
Director: Maryam Mohajer, Animation, UK, 5 min.
My grandad was a romantic. He once saw a picture of my granny and realized that she was the love of his life.

Nod Wink Horse video still

Nod. Wink. Horse.
Director: Ollie Magee, Animation, 5 min
Self sabotage. Obstruction of narrative. A film behind a horse.

Terror Fervor video still

Terror Fervor
Director: Phoebe Parsons, Animation, Canada, 6 min.
A psychedelic non-linear journey through the vices of seven characters.

Better video still

Director: Emily Downe, Animation, UK, 5 min.
A fantasy jungle acts as a portal for idealized worlds to become external.

Director: Nadja ANDRASEV, Animation, 13 min.
A betrayed wife starts to investigate her husband’s mistresses.

Shadow Passage video still

Shadow Passage
Director: Ali Aschman, Animation, UK, 5 min.
A woman explores her own psyche through its manifestation as a sequence of identical yet progressively smaller rooms.

Candy Shop video still

Candy Shop
Director: Patrick Smith, Animation, USA, 3 min.
There are 11,926 pharmaceutical drugs available worldwide, this film shows 2863 of them.

Inside Blue video still

Inside Blue
Director: Yi-Chien Chen, Animation, Taiwan, 6 min.
A man who needs all of the decorations in his home to be placed in a square frame made of adhesive tape to feel peace of mind.

Icebound video still

Director: Drew Christie, Animation, USA, 8 min.
In arctic Greenland, Peter Freuchen is sent on a dangerous rescue mission in a whiteout blizzard. What sacrifices will he make to survive?

Director: Jonathan Reser, Animation, USA, 10 min.
A mockumentary set in an alternate world where humans reproduce through body wide division.

Rain video still

Director: Piotr Milczarek, Animation, Poland, 5 min.
A struggle of an individual with collective hypnosis and its consequences for both the individual and the crowd.

Black Sheep Boy
Director: James Molle, Animation, France, 15 min
A young hatted boy’s adventures through a strange world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures. Searching for some happiness he does not know how to find, he engages into a philosophical and personal quest.

Dick Pics A Documentary video still

Dick Pics! (A Documentary)
Director: Hannah McSwiggen, Russell Sheaffer, Animation, USA, 13 min.
A short documentary that gathers men from all walks of life and asks them one of the most important questions of the modern era.