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A message from The Athens International Film + Video Festival

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the time we could update you all about the status of the 2020 festival. Honestly, we were hoping we’d have the opportunity to make decisions about October a lot sooner but like all of 2020 it seems like decisions and information to base them on are things we can only hope to have and never really have enough of.

After many conversations and discussions with filmmakers, members of our staff, distributors, online platforms and the staff of the Athena Cinema we have decided to again move the 2020 AIFVF dates to coincide with the 2021 festival in April, 2021. We will be expanding the April 2021 dates to make room for twice the number of films. To be clear all of the films we have already chosen for AIFVF 2020 will be included in the 20/21 festival, so you will still have an opportunity to see all of this amazing work.

The 2020/2021 Athens International Film and Video Festival (our 47th and 48th editions) will now be happening April 9-18, 2021.

It is always important for us to present filmmakers work in the best light possible and to showcase their work to our passionate community of film lovers. Part of what makes AIFVF special and unique is how community members, filmmakers, and students easily co-mingle and develop lifelong connections. By pushing the 2020 festival to coincide with the 2021 festival it will retain a part of what makes AIFVF so special to all of us.

We look forward to seeing you in April for double the films, double the filmmakers and double the fun!

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An Important Message from AIFVF:

Like all of you, we have been intently following reports of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and considering how it might affect our festival scheduled for April 6-12. Two days ago the governor of Ohio declared a state of emergency as news of three confirmed cases emerged. Yesterday, Ohio University cancelled all in -person classes until March 30th and our local k-12 schools also closed for this time.

We have decided that the best way to keep our staff, visiting filmmakers and audience safe is to re-schedule the festival for October 2020.

The new dates for the 47th Athens International Film + Video Festival will now be October 12-18, 2020.