The Metaverse – Shorts 2022

Saturday, April 2, 7:00 PM

Brain Sync Director: Jon Kruzic, Animation , USA, 8 min
Things go awry when a guinea pig medical patient is implanted with an A.I. capable microchip.

Immaculate Virtual Director: Ryley O’Byrne, Experimental, Canada, Germany, 9 min
A film essay contemplating the nature of reality, the body, and intimacy in the complicated space where technology and humanity blend.

When the World Comes to an End, I Will Have Loved You Director: Gloria Gammer, Experimental, Austria, 15 min
The world is on fire. Andy saves herself by uploading her mind into the digital world. Something fails during the transfer. Andy goes in search of her lost feelings.

Happy Life Director: Amélie Hardy, Documentary, Canada, 17 min
In this anxious and hectic time, Happy Life explores those unusual outlets that soothe the turmoil of the body and mind. In a meditative journey through these analgesic places, this documentary essay paints a portrait of a society in seek of meaning and relief.

Reading Time (minimum 17 minutes) Director: Charles de Agustin, Experimental, UK
Video, sound, text. Seminar room, bullet points. Narrator, gestures, QR code. Distance from white guilt, malaise. Scales of death, datedness. Zoom out, in, out (as nobody is pure, the contradictions in striving toward an ethics of practice are insurmountable). Big drop. Scream. Content warning: “spoken/written mentions of racist, state, and interpersonal violence”

Squish! Director: Tulapop Saenjaroen, Experimental, Thailand, 18 min
A meditation on the self through lurid and liquid forms; filtered through both old and foreseeable technology.

The Sunset Special Director: Nicolas Gebbe, Animation, Germany, 18 min
A secluded beach location, the perfect partner, the most exclusive Hotel: It is the life of your dreams. Join an eerie trip into the luxurious world of unfulfilled dreams, nostalgia, desire and catch a unique glimpse through the polished fassades of the reality distorting imagery of social media.