From Scratch – Shorts 2022

Saturday, April 2, 1:00 PM

Tender Director: Christine Lucy Latimer, Experimental, Canada, 3 min
The transparent, holographic portions from Canadian dollar bills are contact printed on to 16mm film.

Tangible Memory Director: Adolfo Ruiz, Documentary, Canada, 4 min
Through the sharing of memories and storytelling this brief account sheds light on the intimate, life-long relation between maker and material.

The Sticklet Weaver Director: James Hollenbaugh, Documentary, USA, 8 min
Brent Brown is a self-taught artist with lifelong mental health challenges. Intuitive and deeply talented, in recent years he has started building complex, highly fanciful “puppets” constructed from dozens of cardboard elements with fully moveable joints.

Annah la Javanaise Director: Fatimah Tobing Rony, Animation, Indonesia, 6 min
In 1893, a 13-year-old girl came to work for French painter Paul Gauguin as his maid and model. They called her Annah la Javanaise. This is a reimagining of her story.

ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught) Director: Brit Hensel, Documentary, USA, 10 min
A story told by an elder and first language speaker circling the intersection of tradition, language, land, and a commitment to maintaining balance.

Shopping for the Dead Director: Gerry Curtis, Documentary, Singapore, 13 min
A look into an ancient religious practices as it exists in Modern Singapore.

Charlotte Director: Zach Dorn, Narrative, USA, 12 min
A pop song transforms the lives of an enigmatic folk singer and her family.

Animal Trials Director: Drew Durepos, Experimental, USA, 15 min
Sifting through blurred images, animal attacks, and survivalist fever dreams, two friends discover true-crime connections between the owl theory and the origin of evil on election night. Or: this is how I felt one night in November.

I Found Malevich Director: Ron Pollard, Experimental, UK, USA, 34 min
Guided by a muse, an art collector finds a path of redemption as he leaves behind a world of threats, grifters, and shattered lives.