Here and Queer – Shorts 2022

Saturday, April 2, 9:00 PM

Love at First Bite Director: Maria Gian, Narrative, USA, 3 min
Richard, a man in his late 20s, is grieving the loss of his husband, Edward.

The Act of Coming Out Director: Alexandra Stergiou, Documentary, USA, 11 min
A group of actors in Los Angeles audition for the role of coming out.

A Story That Doesn’t Have to Do With Me Director: Kymberly McDaniel, Experimental, USA, 7 min
As I seek to connect with my partner about their queer and feminist research in bioarchaeology, a conversation emerges about what is left behind after death.

Six Feet Over Director: Joe Tufte, Narrative, USA, 9 min
Alex is tasked with cleaning up his late father’s house the day before the funeral, and deals with how to present himself come time for him to attend.

River Fork Director: Vuk LK, Narrative, USA, 11 min
A trans man recuperating from top surgery spots a painting in his hotel bathroom which takes him back to a different time.

My Parent, Neal Director: Hannah Saidiner, Animation, USA, 9 min
A animated documentary reflecting on my parent coming out as transgender and how our relationship evolved, as told through domestic spaces, intimate objects, and our shared birthday.

Silverrors Saloon, a 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown)story Directors: Mickey Mahoney, Jon Cates, Experimental, USA, 14 min
We encounter characters caught in a glitched cinematic magic moment: a love scene. First dance with a stranger. Home and far from home. Flicker, flower, bloom, and dissolve, in a poetry film.

First Down Director: Carrie Stett, Documentary, USA, 12 min
A gripping documentary that profiles an underdog team in America’s first all-girls tackle football league. This band of misfits and outcasts compete for the title while tackling their struggles both on and off the field.