Undocument – 2017

Show Title: Undocument
Competition Feature
Monday, April 3, 9:15 PM


Director: Kyla Simone Bruce/Amin Bakhshian
73 min
United Kingdom/Iran

UNDOCUMENT is an episodic feature, following 4 stories of longing & love, immigration & identity. The vision of an Iranian and a European director, dealing with the complex theme of illegal immigration or ‘undocumented migrants.’ Each story is set at a different stage of the migrants’ journey, in three different countries: Iran, Greece and England.


The Good Mother
Director: Sarah Clift
6 min

A Mexican mother, with her only child’s birthday looming, embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find the right piñata for her son…


Director: Dan Boord/Luis Valdovino
7 min

Contigo is a waltz with family and tradition, close to the South Texas border. While the Alamo has been designated, by the United Nations, as a World Heritage site, equally noteworthy is the cultural heritage in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Contigo is a Sunday afternoon in San Antonio and a weekend at a conjunto music festival in San Benito. The project is based on a song written by one of the pioneers of conjunto music, Don Santiago Jiménez. It is performed in this video by his son, Santiago Jiménez Jr.

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