Under the Boot

Friday, April 12, 1:00 PM

Immunity Not Limitation
Director: Sara Kazemimanesh
Experimental, USA, 3 min.

A film about the experience of mandatory hijab and the creeping violence it caters to.

This is Cairo
Director: Ibraheem Youssef
Experimental, Egypt, 8 min.

An unapologetic visual journey throughout the ancient city accompanied by ta driver’s candid, raw, and observant narration.

I have Sinned a Rapturous Sin
Director: Maryam Tafakory
Experimental, Iran, UK, 8 min.

What cures women of sexual promiscuity? Eating lettuce, of course.

The Ostrich Politic
Director: Mohamad HouHou
Animation, France, 7 min.

Ostriches dealing with behavioral misconceptions that lead to further issues in their society.

Director: Siqi Song
Animation, USA, 9 min.

A man remembers his childhood memory of growing up with an annoying little sister in 1990s China.

Red dress. No straps
Director: Maryam Mohajer
Animation, UK, 9 min.

Marmar is waiting for granny to make her a dress exactly the same as the glamorous American Popstar; Bright red. No straps.

Empty Skies
Director: Wenting Deng, Luke Fisher
Narrative, USA, 19 min.

A boy and his new friend hunt their village’s last sparrow for a reward to save his sick Grandma.

Notes on Seeing Double
Director: Sanaz Sohrabi
Experimental, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, 12 min.

A rare juxtaposition of a photograph taken in February, 1979 in Tehran and a painting drawn by Rembrandt depicting the anatomy theatre in Amsterdam, 1632.

3 Stolen Cameras
Directors: RåFILM, Equipe Media
Documentary, Western Sahara, 18 min.

The members of video activist group Equipe Media, from occupied Western Sahara, fight to keep their cameras.