The Beat Goes On – Shorts 2020

Tuesday, 10/19, 3:15 PM

last supper

Last Supper
Director: Piotr Dumała, Animation, Poland, 13 min.
A tragedy of a group of men sitting at a table and moving to the rhythm.


Island (Chapter One)
Director: Mark Madel, Experimental, Netherlands, 11 min.
Our perception of time passes just outside the places we live and work, and our lives become projected onto it.


Aphasia or (It Fell Upon My Mind)
Director: Brynne McGregor, Experimental, USA, 3 min.
The perspectives of seven diverse individuals who live with aphasia.


Director: Michael Hughes, Experimental, UK, 6 min.
An experimental animation using only microscopic images of xylem, one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants.


Director: John Muse, Experimental, USA, 11 min.
A journey with two people with distinct conditions that present obstacles to very specific senses.


Maggie Dave – I’m Not Ready
Director: Cassie Shao, Animation, USA, 2 min.
A man waits for a continuously late train.


Benthic Salvage
Director: Tom Hansell, Experimental, USA, 3 min.
Plastic bags, fishing lures, and other material salvaged from the river were woven into a scroll that feeds a “cranky”.


Inflorescence [Slowloop-06]
Director: Nicolaas Schmidt, Experimental, Germany, 8. min.
A couple of rosy rose petals in eternal solidarity enduring the great trouble of a heavy thunderstorm.

leaking life

Leaking Life
Director: Shunsaku Hayashi, Animation, Japan, 15 min.
Touching the surface of the sea, they grow a new skin.


Emotions in Metal
Director: Tommy Becker, Experimental, 21 min.
A visual, concept album written, recorded, edited and performed by Tommy Becker.