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Wednesday, April 8, 9:30 PM

Mer Bleue
Director: Cecilia Araneda, Experimental, Canada, Chile, 4 min.
A pathway through time captures the changing of seasons and the evanescence of love.

Director: Hannah Espia-Farbova, Narrative, USA, 9 min.
An invisible poison invades.

Director: Mike Lars White, Narrative, USA, 10 min.
Graduates of an obscure German art school become guinea pigs for a young woman’s mediation skills.

Distinguished Feelings
Director: Keren Marciano, Narrative, France, 11 min.
A couple is fully in love until one day, one of their friends sow seeds of doubts in their minds.

Jeff Drives You
Director: Aidan Brezonick, Narrative, USA, 17 min.
A lonely gay man falls in love with an artificially intelligent car over the course of a road trip.

The Last Delivery
Director: Vlad Kimchuk, Narrative, USA, 16 min.
A pastry chef seeks revenge for his ruined life but realizes it’s no piece of cake.

Coby and Stephen Are In Love
Directors: Carlo Nasisse, Yuanyuan Yang, Documentary, USA, 28 min.
Coby Yee, a 92 year old retired nightclub dancer and icon from San Francisco Chinatown, and Stephen King, an experimental filmmaker 20 years her junior have found an unlikely love in each other.

Posted in Competition 2020