Saturday Morning Cartoons – 2023

Saturday, April 15, 10:00 AM

Robots Don’t Tell Jokes
Director: Kelli Caldwell, Animation, USA, 3 min
Robot thinks he has a wonderful joke, so he keeps trying to tell it, but none of the other robots ever laugh. They tell him “robots don’t tell jokes…” Will Robot give up on his awesome joke or will he find his tribe? Stop-motion using mainly wood scraps and metal pieces.

The Right One
Director: Anthony Deptula, Narrative, USA, 9 min
A young girl is forced to pick between a violin and a cello only to discover the right instrument for her is something entirely out of the ordinary.

Midnight Snack
Director: Katey Jo Henry, Animation, USA, 3 min
A fly cheats on their diet; chaos ensues.

Prince Ivan and the Clockwork Heart
Director: X. K. Balashov, Animation, USA, 4 min
When a headstrong prince sabotages an important royal ceremony, his father sends him out into the world to set things right.

Hello to Me in 100 Years
Director: Wu-Ching Chang, Animation, Taiwan, 10 min
Historical audio-visual materials, children’s interviews, and paintings build a fantasy world of the future. From the microscopic to the macroscopic, from the individual, the society, to the universe, and finally back to the individual to focus on the richness of the spiritual world. No matter how the world and technology change and progress, one thing will not change ─ Life needs each other, so that we won’t be alone.

Director: Eliana Pipes, Animation, USA, 5 min
When Catalina develops a crush on another girl in her Quinceañera court, her fingernails grow at a superhuman pace — a blessing in Black and Latina beauty culture, but a curse for a lesbian (at first glance). A whimsical, intersectional, uplifting coming-of-age story.

Director: Sean McCarron, Animation, Canada, 11 min
An eccentric boy has trouble fitting in at school due to his obsession with crows.

Director: Il-hyun Kim, Animation, South Korea, 4 min
With a chessboard in the middle, two children, their coach and chess pieces wage a war their own battles. Coaches are being Kibitzer and they are engrossed in war of nerves for beating at chess. Children, as players, focus on the game and arrive at the utmost conclusion.

Director: Rudy Martinez, Animation, USA, 8 min
The year is 1961 and Ham the chimpanzee has been chosen to represent earth as the first ape in space, but a malfunction aboard his ship threatens his return home.

Director: Jan Otto Ertesvåg, Documentary, Norway, 7 min
The reality of beach snails is not that much different from human lives, filled with an intricate interplay of social interaction and solitude, curiosity about the world and its rigid rules, fleetingness of life and the resilience to go on.

Director: Ainslie Henderson, Animation, UK, 10 min
Three archetypal woodland spirits explore the conflicting human drives of creativity, possessiveness and our desire for status.

The Perfect Fit
Director: Meinardas Valkevičius, Animation, Lithuania, 11 min
Patrick lives in a children’s home. After seeing a parrot in the zoo, he becomes obsessed with them, which makes it even harder for him to belong and find parents who want to adopt him.

Apocalypse Dog
Directors: Aziliz Le Clainche, Camille Nasarre, Jing Qian, Juliette Barraux, Emma Plumey, Lucile Arnaud, Solène Cauchie, Animation, France, 7 min
In a post-apocalyptic universe, Bob and his dog Pasha survive in a wasteland. They are hungry, thirsty and tired. When suddenly, they see a city in the distance!