Our Labor

Monday, April 8, 1:00 PM

Tears of the Olive
Director: Johannes Ziegler
Documentary, Italy, 15 min.

A magical journey into the ancient culture of olive oil production.

Night of the Shrieking Dead
Director: Michael Reano
Narrative, USA, 9 min.

A writer faces his demons in the dark of night.

Written in Stone
Director: Sangsun Choi
Documentary, South Korea, 18 min.

An observation on the child workers’ life at a stone quarry village in India.

Like Gold, Like Grey
Director: Zi Wei
Documentary, China, 21 min.

A film about the manufacturing of saxophones in a small village in Northern China.

The Horns of Kolkata
Director: Andrew Scott
Documentary, India, 6 min.

A sensory exploration of a city, its people and a sound that unites them.

The Blessed Assurance
Director: Isabelle Carbonell
Documentary, USA, 22 min.

A meditation on livelihood exploring both man and jellyfish in the otherworldly ecosystem found on an American trawl boat.

Through the Looking Glass
Director: Yi Cui
Documentary, China, 14 min.

On a high-land Tibetan pasture, a screening event unfolds quietly.