OMG – Shorts 2020

Saturday, 10/17, 1:00 PM

Children of the Moon
Directors: Will Klein, Tymon Brown, Documentary, USA, 18 min.
Three people born and raised in the Unification Church (a cult formed in Korea in the 1950s), examine their experiences.

Broken Bird
Director: Rachel Harrison Gordon, Narrative, USA, 10 min.
Birdie, a biracial girl raised by her Jewish mom, spends a rare visitation day with her father while preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. They share a meal, she overcomes her doubts, and decides to risk inviting him back into her life. Birdie confronts what independence means as she steps into adulthood on her own terms.


Director: Benjamin Pfohl, Narrative, Germany, 14 min.
Only a few hours until comet Calypso passes Earth at a threatening distance. A shy teenage girl is travelling with her family to a remote cabin in the alps, where she has to decide if to pursue her own path on Earth or to follow her parents, members of a cosmic cult, through a fatal procedure into a higher existence on Jupiter.


Director: Kate Hackett, Narrative, USA, 14 min.
A seventeen year old sex-positive YouTuber starts a social media war against her Christian abstinence program.


The G.O.A.T.
Director: Keisha Sue Martin, Narrative, USA, 8 min.
Stuck in life a maid named Terry jams through her work shifts. Holding her head high and her music even higher.

The Devil’s Harmony

The Devil’s Harmony
Director: Dylan Holmes Williams, Narrative, UK, 15 min.
A bullied teenage girl leads an a cappella club on a trail of destruction against her high school enemies.

Director: Ben Evory, Narrative, USA, 15 min.
A Christian pop band dreams of a world tour while navigating bored crowds, bad recording sessions, and a budding romance.