Love Boat: Taiwan – Feature 2020

Sunday, 10/17, 5:00 PM

Saturday, 10/23, 5:15 PM


Love Boat: Taiwan
Director: Valerie Soe
Documentary, Canada, Taiwan, USA, 63 min.

Love Boat: Taiwan looks at the Taiwan Love Boat, one of the longest running summer programs in the world, where college-aged Taiwanese Americans get closer to their history, their culture and each other. A recent New York Times article lauded Taiwan as a new bastion of free speech in Asia, but because of the ongoing cold war between China and Taiwan, Taiwan’s status as a sovereign nation is anything but secure. Love Boat: Taiwan explores the ways that this unique “soft power” program advances the cause of Taiwan around the world.

Plays with:

The Jessicas Are Turning 30

The Jessicas Are Turning 30
Directosr: Maya Sugarman, Amy King
Documentary, USA, 22 min.

What it’s like to be 30 in America today? For millennial women, the milestone has become an age heavy with expectation.

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