Know Thyself Shorts 2022

Monday, April 4, 3:15 PM

Inventory Director: Bailey Plumley, Experimental, USA, 3 min
A living inventory of the body.

Poco Allegretto Director: Kelly Gallagher, Documentary, USA , 3 min
A short personal essay film about a week long anxiety attack and a welcome and unexpected snowfall.

Breath Body Becoming Director: Beth Peloff, Animation, USA, 6 min
A woman takes stock of her life as her memories start to fade.

Fathomless Directors: Melissa Ferrari, Meilín Fernández García, Animation, USA, 7 min
Fathomless approaches the history of scientific imaging — from the similar aesthetic sensibilities of microscopes and magic lanterns to methods for visualizing “unseeable” conditions.

My Grandmother Is an Egg Director: Wu-Ching Chang, Animation, Taiwan, UK, 8 min
Egg is life per se. Eggs are fragile, but at the same time tough. My grandmother is an egg.

The Absence of Memory Director: Brian Yulo Ng, Animation, Singapore, 9 min
The collective experience of individuals who survived an atmosphere designed to suppress their individuality.

Davey’s Lullaby Director: Adam Douglas Deyoe, Animation, USA, 10 min
A spirited, middle-aged man with Down Syndrome faces an uncertain future when his mother, who lovingly cares for him as he struggles with bouts of dementia and growing physical infirmity, suddenly dies.

Transparent, I Am Director: Yuri Muraoka Experimental, Japan, 12 min
In the year of 2020 when the world was forced to change, I wanted to confirm what changed and what did not change in me and wrote the poem Transparent, I am.

The Girl Who Is Director: Sara Sowell, Experimental, USA, 6 min
I’m not like other girls. People say that. But for me it’s true because I don’t have a body. I’m just one element of the psyche.

Johnny Crow Directors: Xstine Cook, Jesse Gouchey, Animation, Canada, 8 min
A poetic and transformative journey of a young man’s physical, mental, and spiritual struggle to return to his son through the criminal justice system and the layers of colonization it represents.

In Ocula Oculorum Director: Anna Kipervaser, Experimental, USA, 12 min
Dealing with the contemporary state of perpetual doom, the film contemplates various stages of life and death from the point of view of our human bodies and perceptual systems.

The Tender Place Where the World Breaks Director: Emily M Van Loan, Experimental, USA, 13 min
I tried for two years not to breathe or touch my body numb the bones settling crooked.