In Limbo

Wednesday, April 10, 5:30 PM

Woman in Stall
Director: Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty Mancinelli
Narrative, Canada, 10 min.

A woman finds herself trapped in a bathroom stall by a man whose intentions are not entirely clear.

On the Border
Director: Wei Shujun
Narrative, China, 15 min.

In a border village, a Chinese teenager of Korean roots aspires to join South Korea.

Director: Denis Dobrovoda
Narrative, UK, 15 min.

A man brought over from Africa to serve as an exhibit at a British colonial exposition tries to escape his captors and recover his dignity.

The Summer and All the Rest
Director: Sven Bresser
Narrative, France, 18 min.

At the end of summer the last ferries with tourists leave and Marc-Antoine and Mickael remain behind on the deserted island.

De Terugkeer van Sooi Dingemans
Director: Marc Bryssinck
Narrative, Belgium, 19 min.

We are here and we are here.

Exit Toll
Director: Mohammad Najarian Dariani
Narrative, Iran, 19 min.

While he works at the exit toll leading to the airport, a man dreams of taking off.