Tuesday, April 9th, 1:00 PM

The Little Fish and the Crocodile
Stefanie Plattner
Narrative, Republic of Congo, 16 min.

A fable from the rainforest in the Odzala National Park in the Republic of Congo told by the children of the Sanza Mobimba Kindergarden.

The Black Basilisk
Director: Edward Loupe
Narrative, USA, 10 min.

A woman, trying to get away with murder, receives help from the creature who lives in the drain under her bathroom sink.

Director: Kiera Faber
Animation, USA, 19 min.

A reclusive children’s author and her figmental companions inhabit a fragile microcosm where reality, illusion, and madness intermingle.

Stone Engravings and the Three-Colored Chickenpox Tale
Director: Lucina , Vinícius
Documentary, Brazil, 20 min.

In the first evidences of mankind in the south of Brazil we meet, side by side, the visible and the invisible parts of a story.

Ghost Tape #10
Director: Sean David Christensen
Documentary, USA, Viet Nam, 29 min.

Created by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, Ghost Tape #10 was one of many tapes engineered as part of a psychological operations campaign.