Horizons – Shorts 2022

Monday, April 4, 1:15 PM

Pine and Genesee Director: Kelly Gallagher, Documentary, USA, 3 min
A short experimental documentary about the site of a former stop on the Underground Railroad, the erasure of history, and what we owe those who came and struggled before us.

Misery Next Time Director: Rajee Samarasinghe, Experimental, Sri Lanka, 5 min
This associative stream of visuals, culled from the past, reflect on the roles of art, labor, and journalism in contemporary Sri Lanka, facing a dubious future ahead. Memory and ethnographic deconstruction cascade in an obliterated form, forging a dire and prescient assemblage.

Madness Remixed Director: Rhea Storr, Experimental, UK, 11 min
From Beyonce to Miley Cyrus to Diana ross, all have worn Josephine Baker’s now infamous Banana Skirt, performed by Baker in 1926 in a show entitled ‘La Folie Du Jour’ (The Madness of the Day. The Banana skirt is an exoticisation of the Black body, yet it continues to be worn in homage and appropriation.

U.S. American Advertisement Director: Lydia Moyer, Experimental, USA, 4 min
A video composition inspired by the U.S. congressional hearings for Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas, both of whom were accused of sexual misconduct and subsequently appointed to the U.S. supreme court for life.

Wilderness Days Director: Jason Younkman, Experimental, USA, 11 min
Summer(s) in New York City reassembled as a scrolling (de)collage.

Lácrimas Director: Jeremy Moss, Experimental, USA, 14 min
A melodrama of nature gazing – wavering moths, sparrows, cicadas, shadows, streams, and towering trees. A dizzying and displacing garden in a lower lighting key. The plants, they shine at night.

Tropical Plant Director: Tanakit Kitsanayunyong, Experimental, Thailand, 17 min
A dialogue between life and dream of organisms, a prologue that has just been recorded. A story of living creatures in a tropical land.

Milwaukee Night and Day Director: Dick Blau, Experimental, USA, 19 min
A City Symphony. The distillation of ten years of looking at one square block in the the very heart Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A film made from stills that challenges them to move. Beauty, pathos, and turmoil, all in the course of a Joycean day.