2022 Best of the Fest Screening

See these award winning works tonight (Thursday, April 7) at the Best of the Festival Screening

From The Booth (given by the projection team):
Once There Was III Director: Nina McNeely, Experimental, USA, 7 min

Programmer’s Prize:
Matadata – Consciousness Transfers to Origins Director: Bingi Bongi, Music Video, Latvia, 5 min

1st Prize Music Video:
Incomplete Director: Dalena Tran, Music Video, USA, 4 min

Film House Award (Named by our friend Ed Lachman and given for visionary film making):
Freedom Swimmer Director: Olivia Martin-McGuire, Documentary, UK, 15 min

Black Bear Award (Named after our friend John Butler and given for best use of sound):
Our Mine Director: Shayna Strype, Experimental, USA, 11 min

Research Award (Sponsored by the Ohio University Libraries):
We Had Each Other Director: Kelly Gallagher, Experimental, Ireland, USA, 15 min

1st Prize Animation Short:
My Parent, Neal Director: Hannah Saidiner, Animation, USA, 9 min

1st Prize Narrative Short:
Super Nova Director: Juliette Saint-Sardos, Narrative, France, 16 min

1st Prize Experimental:
When the World Comes to an End, I Will Have Loved You Director: Gloria Gammer, Experimental, Austria, 15 min

1st Prize Documentary Short:
Pacha’s Notebook Director: Pedro Urizzi, Estevan Muniz, Documentary, Colombia, 30 min

Check out the complete list of festival awards here.