Wednesday, April 10, 9:00 PM

Cuban Queens
Director: Warren Bass
Experimental, USA, 6 min.

Hand-drawn animation as a structuralist and painterly art form.

Variations on Leonard French
Director: Paul W. Rankin
Experimental, Australia, 14 min.

An abstract created entirely from macro footage of Leonard French’s stained-glass artworks “The Four Seasons”.

Touch Screen
Director: Tom Wade
Experimental, USA, 6 min.

An exploration of physical contact, boundary disillusionment, and the eroticism of organic machinery.

Cosmos Obscura
Director: Katherine Balsley, Irina Escalante Chernova
Experimental, USA, 4 min.

New patterns, rhythms and metaphors are born from old ones, and familiar celestial bodies are refracted into strange and unusual forms.

Director: Timothy David Orme
Experimental, USA, 4 min.

Squares, sound, and speed all voice a space that builds to collapse.

Where the Truth Lies
Director: Diane Nerwen
Experimental, USA, 5 min.

A found footage collage poem for absurd times.

Still Alive
Director: Dennis Tupicoff
Animation, Australia, 6 min.

Death comes to animated life as a skeleton, singing to celebrate his living God.

Snow Lee Leopard
Director: Laura Heit
Experimental, USA, 4 min.

Lee Kelly’s sculpture forest prompts animation flurry.

Gone Sale
Director: Matt Meindl
Experimental, USA, 5 min.

Faceless forms inhabit the shadow-sprayed remnants of an electronic shopping mall board game. Slumber party capitalism, now a bargain bin of lost dreams.

Director: Dirk de Bruyn
Experimental, Australia, 23 min.

A technological diary/found footage film scribed somewhere between outer and inner space.

I Am DJ Barticus
Director: Logan Fouss, Hannah Barrow
Documentary, USA, 19 min.

Athens, Ohio local nightlife icon DJ Barticus, refuses to take part in any written or on-camera interviews, and instead, sends jumpsuit wearing doppelgängers to do his interviews for him.