Vibes – 2023

Saturday, April 15, 5:00 PM

Sometimes I Don’t Know Where the Sun
Director: Samantha Aquilino, Animation, Switzerland, 4 min
A lobster, a cat and a deer. Dangerous rebels. A human, sometimes here and sometimes there. He wants connection. He comes across the deer. He meets the cat. They reject each other. Big disappointment. Our human follows the way of the sun, to reach the animals through sharing an apple.

An Example of Lee-Roth Fog Isolated Under Laboratory Conditions
Director: Ryan Betschart, Documentary, USA, 3 min
Spiritual mists are a stand in for the nuts and bolts details surrounding the life of enigmatic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. A personality perfectly captured in eruptions of ecstatic sound.

Mr.Catman Bring Me A Dream
Director: Tzu-Yu Pan, Animation, USA, 3 min
During the pandemic, Alice went back to her own country and started to take classes online in the middle of the night, day after day. Trapped in a small room, the computer screen became the only window contacting her with real-life and society.

(Just) Balloons
Director: Zahm Waters, Experimental, Canada, 7 min
An old VHS tape offers up a titillating tapestry of balloon-oriented entertainment. Remember, it’s just balloons and nothing else!

Director: Anna Rafalowski, Experimental, USA, 8 min
Pogo finds her purpose after being rejected from the Academy.

Abel On Ice
Director: Nicolas Bermeo, Experimental, USA, 11 min
Under the fog of a bygone New York City skyline, Abel endures the hopeless tragedy of a lonely life. His parents see their own death approaching and worry that Abel will never find the kind of love they think he needs. In the end, he is left completely alone with only himself to love and his soul in his hands.

God’s Country
Director: Violet Price, Narrative, USA, 11 min
Antoine McKay, Randa Jarrar and April Flores vibe out late-night, do petty crimes to feel alive and connect over being stoner outcasts in the ugly world that they are too beautiful for.

Carlota Malu Solís
Director: Narrative, Mexico, 12 min
Lala smokes pot ten minutes before lunch with her in-laws. Upon seeing her, her boyfriend gets angry and leaves without her. In this way, Lala achieves her goal: skip lunch in order to enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with staying home alone.

The Diamond
Director: Vedran Rupic, Narrative, Portugal, Sweden, 14 min
Stefan is lonely with a blinding ambition to make friends. One day he stumbles upon a diamond in the woods. Unable to reach it, the solution presents itself in the form of an even smaller man.

Film Rosa
Director: Silvia Bertocchi, Experimental, Italy, 14 min
Regina Rosenberg is a psychologist with a promising career. It’s a new day in Regina’s life. In the background, only the sound of the bass, played by a man who does not leave her alone for a moment, like her conscience. The two seem not to even see each other.

Looking for Love (and Job)
Director: Yue Nakayama, Narrative, USA, 20 min
A twisted Little Mermaid story in which a protagonist merman washes up on the shore of the Pacific Coast in search of Love. The Merman, the alien species, encounters and interacts with different species in the new habitat. The work explores migration, job security, and the power and gender structure of contemporary society using a variety of everyday anecdotes.